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  • jomaxum jomaxum Feb 1, 2006 3:52 PM Flag

    AMD chips crash continually

    and lockup machines at random. Last thing Dell needs to do is switch to those kind of problems.

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    • i bought call options for 2 dollars. Do you know what that is?

    • Mark my words. AMD 40% market share by end of the year. Have fun losing money.

    • well said. I am an engineer and i completely concur. I have tested J2EE application on Opteron dual core servers. Believe me, it blows the hell out of intell and they never crash. We are completely going AMD at my company.

    • you should go back to school because i am wooping you with my AMD investment. I bought 15K of 2 dollar options with 16 dollar strike price. Do the math? if you know how to. How was your dividend check from INTC? That would be the only income you would have gotten in the same period. Dumb ass.

    • Every time I try and play a video clip on my HP Workstation xw4200.

      MIS can't figure out if its the video driver, Windows XP, 1 gig of DDR2 or the CPU. So far every HP worksation we bought on the last upgrade does this (10 of them).

      This was the system that MIS insisted on getting, had to be an HP with a P4. None of the AMD systems with the same video card (ATI) and DDR have single a problem.


    • I own INTC below the current pps. Exactly the contrary, my INTC investment is growing, unlike your short position which is not, AMD Groupie.

      By the way, I will be happy to see a short like you, pay for my dividend, out of your account. LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • AMD increased market share basically in the low-end desktop (up 1%), not the overall sector.


      You need to stop reading Intel financial statements for your information. Go check any major industry analytical news source, then come back and debate.

      AMD is obviously, obviously taking huge share from Intel in servers. Opteron is one of our chief drivers of earnings growth.

      Just check the revenue growth to see where the sales are going.

    • Your analysis is not exactly correct. AMD increased market share basically in the low-end desktop (up 1%), not the overall sector.

      As well, AMD has made good progress and has accomplished much, however, AMD's terrific results were in a large part due to the beneficial numbers gained by the spin-off (IPO) of the money losing unit Spanson.

      Despite all the negative press, Intel's profit for the latest quarter was again over $2 billion ($8 billion for the year).

    • Yeah, that must be why AMD blew out earnings by....


      Think about what you are saying. Making 76 million is blowout earnings, compared to Intel earnings of 1.9 billion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You are nothing more than nother AMD Groupie blinded by irrational exuberance.

    • AMD low quality? Yeah, that must be why AMD blew out earnings by over 2x analyst estimates the day Intel fell 11% after missing.

      Low quality must be why AMD ASPs are higher and growing, why AMD is taking market share from Intel in all sectors, and why top-line AMD processors uniformly beat Intel processors in 90% of tasks.

      Enjoy losing your money. The hilarious thing is that your peanut brain won't be able to figure out why.

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