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  • jmc5097 jmc5097 Apr 8, 2006 11:28 AM Flag

    Intel is bringing 3 great new products

    to market and is expects double digit accelerated growth overseas....another bullish article for Intel along with Barrons today....should be an interesting day Monday as it really looks like Intel has turned the corner and I would expect the bottom fishing value investor to step up to the plate....for your full reading pleasure:

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    • did you do the assignment I gave you fuckface? what do you have to report on the growth rates and P/E for the dow 30? As they say, half baked knowledge is most dangerous. Go read Pter Lynch's book again - obviously you have'nt picked up the nuances. FYI, you have to consider growth and quality/reliability of that growth fuck-face. Got it?

    • Get some education, go & read Peter Lynch on "One Up on Wall Street" and his explanation on the P/E ratio.

    • It says in your post that your location is a Big Cave; thus, I understand why you think AMD will win out over INTC. Only a neo_andertal would make such a comment.

      Good luck in your evolutionary persuits!!

    • HeyEinstien, where did you pull that theory out of? let me guess - it came right out of your ass. FYI, the P/E does not have to "equal" the estimated growth - why dont you do quick study of say the dow 30 and come back with what you find.

    • "2006 estimate is 1.05
      2007 estimate is 1.28
      That is an expected increase of 0.23 from 2006 to 2007."

      The 2006 estimate was $ 1.63 4 months ago and now it is $ 1.05, damn isnt that about a 33% decline, dont worry after the upcoming CC, it will decline under a buck.

    • How many of you shorts out there don't own a calculator, or own a calculator and don't know how to turn it on?

      2006 estimate is 1.05
      2007 estimate is 1.28

      That is an expected increase of 0.23 from 2006 to 2007.

      0.23 / 1.05 = 21.9%

      There's your 20% growth.


    • You are the one that is totally clueless. Read your OWN posts, stupid! You pointed out that the analysts expect earnings in 2006 of 1.05 per share and 2007 earnings of 1.28 per share. Last time I checked on the number line, 1.28 is bigger than 1.05. How in the heck is this "declining earnings"? My gawd, some of you shorts are really in deep doo doo. LMAO!

      My point is the market will reward INTC with a PE of 20 again when they accept that earnings are growing again. Intel only had one year of declining earnings and you are calling it a trend despite the fact that analysts expect earnings to increase next year. The market already discounted the decline in earnings from 2005 to 2006, and now it's time for it to discount the increase in earnings from 2006 to 2007. Stick around shorty, and we'll see how much you lose when that occurs.

    • Sree,'d have better luck talking to a tree stump.

    • You can only assign a P/E ratio of 20 if its earning growth is 20% a year.

      That is why some banks have a PE of 10.

      Now look at Intel, the growth estimate is NEGATIVE, that is why a number of analysts already generously targetted it at $17!

      Look at growth est at the end (-25% for 2006).

      Sell before April 19th ! It has no way to go except down!

    • >>
      If AMD took the entire PC and Server market they would still not make a fraction of the money INTC makes from embedded processors and other chips. PCs and servers make up maybe 10% of the processor market. Ford alone buys more than 55 million embedded processors a quarter and they are not the largest user by far.

      No wonder clueless IW like you are loosing money:

      Out of $38 Billion of revenue that Intel made in 2005:

      - $25 Billion are for microprocessors+chipset from Digital Enterprise (desktops, servers etc)

      - $11 Billions are for the same but from the Mobility Group.

      - $2 Billion for the rest like Flash Memory Group (the stuff the Ford ordered) and this group is making loss.

      Intel does not make any money from its acquisition in telecomunication.

      Overall $36 Billions are from CPU & chipset. All it needs to happen is if Intel revenue in CPUs is down below $25B (=cost of sale + R&D + Marketting), it will start making LOSS.

      You needs to learn how to read the balance sheet & income statement of a company before doing an investment:

      You sound like a momentum trader waiting for a dead cat bounce and sell.

      Many times it happen, but this time Intel look like a dead duck and no bounce!

      Mark my post for April 19th, day or reckoning if you are still around!

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