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  • lucy_nuff lucy_nuff Jun 8, 2006 11:35 AM Flag

    Is This the Definitive Sell-Off That

    WS wants that will put in a bottom and generate a bounce for the Nasdaq?

    Nas down 2%

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    • We call final sell-offs the ones that are 10%-20%. 2% is chicken little.

      By the way, can I order pink flamingos on the Internet? I don't seem to find any around here.

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      • If it isn't apparent yet, Otellini is no Jack Welch! How do you go from a $25 billion dollar stock buy-back less than six months back instead of looking for acquistions, increase the dividend instead of using the money to "grow" the company--and then a few months later say you are going to spend the next 90 days evualating the company for divestitures--the first time they have done an intensive evualation in over 20 years!
        What has this idiot done as COO and CEO--thought this type of thing was an ongoing process that was the exclusive province of a CEO to continually reacess. Instead, like Barrett his mentor and also dumber than dumb, he spent his time traveling the world for God knows what reason other than see personally what the rest of the world looked like at company expense! The prouncements that come out of these idiots including their stupid VP's is breathtaking. Their technology guy know says they have gotten groups together that they normally don't associate and together they have found gaps--what a disclosure--something so elementary you wouldn't want to disclose but this guy thinks it is revolutionary! In a word, its "pitiful."

      • <>We call final sell-offs the ones that are 10%-20%. 2% is chicken little.<>

        you've been smoking too much of that funny lettuce.

        A single session 2% sell-off in the NAsdaq on the heels of about 5 down sessions is huge.

        I'm sure you don't expect a 10-20% sell-off in one day?

        I haven't checked but I sure the Nas is down 10% or more over the last 30 days.

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