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  • bear_trappers bear_trappers Jul 2, 2006 2:13 AM Flag

    Best Buy Field Trip

    Best Buy Field Trip

    Intel��s Pentium� M 760 Centrino� (2.0 GHz, 27 Watts) completed the benchmark in 82 seconds or 164 giga cycles, while the AMD Turion� ML-40 (2.2 GHz, 35 Watts) completed the benchmark in 89 seconds or 195.8 giga cycles. So even with a 10 percent faster clock rate advantage the AMD based computer was 8.5 percent slower, 19 percent less efficient per clock cycle, 30% less power efficient, and only $50 or 3.8% price difference. It�s extremely clear which the better price/performance/watt value is.

    Video Processing System Performance Benchmark:

    Best Buy Display System:
    Time to Save the Video (seconds): 82
    Computer Manufacture: Toshiba
    Computer Model: Satellite
    Price: $1299.99
    CPU Brand: Intel� Centrino�
    CPU Model: Pentium M, 760
    CPU Power Consumption Rating: 27 Watts
    CPU Clock Frequency (GHz): 2.0
    Memory Type: DDR2
    Memory Frequency (MHz): 533
    Giga Cycles: 164.0

    Best Buy Display System:
    Time to Save the Video (seconds): 89
    Computer Manufacture: HP
    Computer Model: Pavilion
    Price: $1249.99
    CPU Brand: AMD
    CPU Model: Turion� 64, ML-40
    CPU Power Consumption Rating: 35 Watts
    CPU Clock Frequency (GHz): 2.2
    Memory Type: DDR
    Memory Frequency (MHz): 400
    Giga Cycles: 195.8

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    • That's right it is quite enough. I am not going through 3 years of this sh*t.

    • "Now here's a quiz for you: Who the fuck are you, stupid asshole, to quiz me, POS."

      You obviously are outclassed Hammerfall.

      Resorting to profanity is the sure sign you are sinking in your AMD BS.

    • You're way out of your league on this subject, moron.

      So is Hammerfall for that matter.

      Lexwalker has forgotten more than the 2 of you combined will ever know.

      The only light you see is the light coming through all the holes recently shot through your AMD position.

    • I have seen the light thanks to lexwalker2.

      The world of computing should stay 32-bit forever since it is such a "hassle" to switch. Hell, it might cost some companies at least a couple hundred dollars to support 64-bit!

      Most importantly, Intel should cancel Merom since "5. In other words 64-bit does little in mobile environment..".

    • What am i driving at?

      1. Even with 64-bits, laptop can't access past 4GB due to RAM limitations. This is where virtual memory comes in. Thus there is very little 64-bits can do in such environment... 64-bit addressing is only more useful if the memory is bigger than 4GB such as those found in big high end servers.

      2. A MAJOR PORTION of productivity and business software are for Windows. Even if re-compiled to 64-bits does little to improve any performance. And also wastes time (and money) for the company to re-release a 64-bit version. Linux is different as each distribution will need a re-compile (as well as RPMs) when moving to another machine.

      3. Since 32-bit and 64-bit instructions co-exists easily, why should it be any different in running apps? There will be still a huge amount of 32-bit apps continually produced until many years to come. Games are still 32-bit by the way.

      4. Majority of PC users are Windows not Linux. A lot of hardware vendors still have not provide 64-bit drivers for Windows yet..

      5. In other words 64-bit does little in mobile environment..


      Privilege instructions are usually instructions than can be executed under supervisor mode (e.g. operating system pre-emptive task scheduler and switching) to control/manipulate low level processor states and function, but cannot be executed under user mode (e.g. software applications)

      Like I said, I am a programmer! Actually goin' to be ex-programmer coz' movin' to other stuff soon!

    • Ditto.
      And the Centrino is 32-bit, btw; throw it to the garbage, mobo and all, when Vista comes out...

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