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  • f11franz f11franz Feb 21, 2007 11:20 AM Flag

    How can only 1% of float be short?

    Probably doesn't take into account of short postions that are opened in am and closed out before the trading day ends. Sort of like today. Wonder if 7millions pre-market shares sold short and now are covering at 20.75. No way that short shares should not be higher. Naked short selling could also easily cap any attempt for intel to make a run since their are so many shares outstanding.

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    • Yes I understand that naked short selling is for small float stocks that have limitied amount of shares to borrow and that intel obvioulsy has a boatload of shares outstanding, but my main reason that naked short selling would be used is because it is not recorded but has the same effect on the stock in driving it down. Basically it would give houses with tons of intel shares on the books an opportunity to drive intel stock down to help increase a short position they opened in am and close before end of day.

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