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  • vinnie_baggadonitz vinnie_baggadonitz Mar 31, 2007 9:44 AM Flag

    Bagholders, NOBODY CARES about Nahalem or Penryn

    Except you bags. Internal Front Side Bus??

    My response is, "finally. After your competitors did it about fifteen years ago, you finally get around to copying it and taking credit for the idea."

    Ahhh, hyperthreading. It sounds so cool, the same way words such as "supersonic," do.

    But, it turns out, it's just an extremely complicated and convoluted way to get a pseudo multi-core architecture without actually doing the work. And it only works if the applications are compiled to use it. And it only adds a few percentage points of performance UNLESS you watch the carefully doctored up demos that INTC shows.

    Do any of you longs realize how weak these PR's are? It's like saying two snails are racing around the earth and twenty one thousand miles into the race, INTC suddenly develops a one millimeter lead.

    The more BS I hear out of this stupid commodity company, the more I hope this POS goes to 10 bucks a share where it belongs.

    A P/E of over 20 for a company that makes commodities is ridiculous, and as that other poster said, now that the days of the payola scam are over, OEM's don't have to do what the big boss says any more.

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