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    • Need to report over and over.
      Investors need to pay close attention to this article.

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      • HAYS: And how does that - and what if AMD just matches you? You do tick tock, they do tock, tick?

        OTELLINI: That's pretty hard to do. It's very expensive. You need - you need global scale. You need to be able to have enormous capital investments. You need to have redundancy and parallelism in your design teams to be able to bring things out on a cadence because chips take more than two years to design.

        So you have to pipeline those. So it's a very expensive proposition to keep up with the space.

        Over and over he has mentioned the expense. What he has said then is that AMD cannot keep up with development because it it too expensive. The new Pennryn has the latest hafnium (plus the secret metal) gate technology. This cost billions upon billions to develop.
        This morning I have been reading the enthusiasts board analysis of this chip. They are through and all are extraordinarily positive about this new line.

    • Excellent stuff my friend. Thank you so much for posting the transcript. So much easier to sift through the important items. I especially loved the Apple partnership details.
      Market seems to have not taken hold to such an important interview, since it is not as accessible through mass media as all the other hoopla is about price target raises on Apple, Google, or most recently Microsoft. I've been noticing that very important items that could very much help the stock price is rarely mentioned. Yet alot of garbage, such as the one from Morgan Stanley' downgrade by Mark Lipacis, was mentioned numerous times through most mediums. This recent interview has only added to my confidence level on Intel. I think we will be just fine for the rest of the year. Intel investors should really have alot to be excited about in the near future. Everything is going our way except for the stock price. And usually, that cannot be held this low for too long. Good luck to all the longs on this board. Especially the bullish ones. You deserve it.

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