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  • ivydog03 ivydog03 Jan 2, 2008 7:52 PM Flag

    Are we in a Recession? You bet we are.

    Many of the young investors have never experienced a recession and most investors have not experienced a deep recession. I have been through a number of these and no matter how many times I go through it I am always amazed at how people will continue to disagree on whether we are in it, heading toward it or will miss it completely. Meanwhile back at the ranch the stock market slides slowly downward. Oh sure, there are good days and one might think we are heading up. Forget-about-it. The trend is down.

    You could get 50 Talking TV bobble-heads on at the same time and have about 25 or more different definitions of a recession. Who cares. Sell some of your stocks or mutual funds and wait for a better time. It is that simple.

    So what is a recession? Take your pick from below.
    I particularly like the last one. Now that ought to get your attention !

    � A significant decline in general economic activity extending over a period of time.
    � A time of less business activity, usually lasting at least three quarters of the year or nine months.
    � A decline in business activity. Often defined as two consecutive quarters with a real fall in gross national production.
    � A significant decline in activity spread across the economy, lasting longer than a few months. It is visible in industrial production, employment, real income, and wholesale-retail trade. ...
    � Two consecutive quarters of declining GDP.
    � Industrial growth dropped, raising the unemployment rate to 10.7 percent, the highest since the Great Depression. 10
    � A significant decline in economic activity. In the US, recession is approximately defined as two successive quarters of falling GDP, as judged by NBER. A recession in one country may be caused by, or itself cause, recession in another country with which it trades.
    � a stage of the business cycle in which economic activity is in slow decline. Recession usually follows a boom, and precedes a depression. It is characterized by rising unemployment and falling levels of output and investment.
    � A temporary depression in economic activity or prosperity.
    � The decline in sea level before a tsunami. Recession is a natural warning sign that a tsunami is approaching.

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