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  • cdhscottsdale cdhscottsdale Sep 5, 2008 11:55 AM Flag


    This posting is aimed at the individuals on this board who enjoy exchanging ideas primarily on the activity of Intel and who offer commentary on the various technical and fundamental factors that affect the share price of INTC either short or long term. Also, there are discussions of political news that will have an impact on the direction of this country and the financial markets.

    The past two weeks I have seen more and more postings by foul mouthed, angry, unconstructive, unpatriotic, American hating, socialist leaning, uninformed, annoying, and abusive misanthropes (generally dislike others). They pollute this forum and don’t add anything constructive to the dialogue and are disagreeable just for the sake of it. I am annoyed with their insertions of gutter speak and I am hopeful the adults on this board feel the same. There are two tools at our disposal to flush this excrement out of this forum. One is to report abuses to Yahoo. I have done this and it works. Second is to put the abusive individual on ignore and their stupid postings disappear. Both of these tools are on the right side of screen where you read the postings. Use both and within a short period of time the air on this forum will be much fresher.

    Here is a listing of some of the posters who should be put on ignore (in my opinion). realkaushik; kaushikusa; warm_up_the_weapon_George; lord_sir_gismys7; returntorael; jeangenou_pomme_de_cheval; fizzwhipple321; argonovis1; jerry_cornholed_you; piper_plane; marcymartin23; yourbestfriendintheworld; el_schtupmeister; cdbscottsdale; ledmondstvi; theliberaldemocrat; vinnie_baggadonitz; rocket_squirrel_hauls_nuts; javaman120; gfo99; freestuffs101; flossist; grecothedulltool666

    Do as you wish but the forum would be much more constructive without the presence and the carping, naysaying, empty commentary that they put forth. Most of responsible members of this board are interested in furthering their investments, having a strong country (economically and security wise). Most are interested in having low but responsible tax obligations, and where there is more of a emphasis on self responsibility and less on looking to the government for solutions.

    This week we saw a new strong lady step into the political spotlight. The ugly hateful comments that were leveled at her by some of the individuals listed above is all the evidence I need to eliminate them from this forum for good.

    In summary, I believe we are blessed to live in the greatest country on the face of this earth and the hand of God has lifted us many times when the misguided would have sold this country down the river for some cheap pieces of silver that addressed a lazy or cowardly human character flaw. There is much beating on George Bush, and he is far from perfect, but most adults know in their heart of hearts that he was dealt a very serious security problem (9/11) and a weakened economy at the very beginning of his term, and the Democrats from the very beginning carped, lied, undermined and generally made matters worse instead of being constructive. Bush’s biggest fault is that he did not confront his backbiters or prosecuted those that released classified data. If Bush had the oratory skills of Sarah Palin he would have put his opponents in their place (coupled with the surge approach) early in his term things would have been considerable different.


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