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  • herbal_dude herbal_dude Jan 28, 2009 7:39 PM Flag

    Barrett: Intel Will Prevail

    European Union regulators allege that Intel deliberately squeezes out rival AMD by offering discounts or payments to computer manufacturers and retailers choosing Intel chips. AMD is also taking a similar case through the U.S. courts in Delaware.

    Honestly now... Don't you think these guys have bigger fish to fry? If the truth be told it makes the EU consumers get cheaper prices and that deosn't make people mad when they don't even have a job. I agree with the issue but it will be pushed back a long time and we all know this market is all about today and tomorrow.

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    • Actually, Intel is not accused of simply offering quantity discounts which is a long standing practice. It's accused of offering discounts and support to companies that DID NOT use AMD cpu's. The news has also claimed that the EU, Japanese, and Korean FTC's have been communicating, so a multinational company is no longer bigger than the countries it operates in. Especially if it's a US company, since the clout of the US is declining daily.

      The laws governing these things were hard-won over decades, are basic to the functioning of a modern economy, and are not going to be changed for some foreign semi company. Intel could have competed 100% and done very well and been very formidable. Instead they apparently chose to go over the line. So far they haven't been fined much and the actions have made money. That may well change - stonewalling is a bad idea.

      Being over the line - "abuse of dominance" in the EU - also makes it harder for Intel to enforce its licenses. That wasn't necessary but is still a reality.

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