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  • someone_knows_something someone_knows_something Mar 4, 2009 3:59 PM Flag

    Eff Rush Limbo, what a deaf, drug addicted loooooooooser!

    Wanna have yourself a laugh? Go look at the AA board. A bunch of loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosers who couldn't trade their way out of a paper bag crying about Obama v. Rush Limbo.

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    • Actually, I heard what he said. It was on the evening news yesterday.

      "My question is where is my bailout?"

      You're preaching to the choir. I take some solace knowing that I was alert to the bee ess and did not commit financial suicide so I don't need a bail out. I intend to continue to live my life as deliberately as possible so as to never need a bail out.

      Of course the sad thing is that the American dollar has been a joke as a store of value, so being prudent with your money has been something of a sucker's bet (at least as far as saving is concerned). That inflation tax has been chipping away at stored value year after year after year, the official figures be damned. I realized a long time ago that you have to just keep dancing, and that's too bad because it means a loss of real productivity. Same thing for having such a ridiculous tax code. Why should I have to waste at least a day a year to determine what I have to pay the government?

      How is the average person supposed to do their job, raise their family, and dance with their savings 24 hours a day? What becomes of the poor slobs who drank the "Oh, you have to be 110% (or 200% for that matter) in stocks in order to be prepared for retirement" Kool Aid? No one made them do it, but realistically what alternative did they have? Not everyone has the luxury of time that some of us in here have to study what is actually happening and build a model for profiting from it (or, at least, a model which tells them when to get the hell out of the way).

      So you have Disney, GE, Fox, and CBS owning the "news" and telling people what to do with their money.

      I've come to the conclusion that all I can do is worry about my own family.

      Dude, I'm sorry but I can't carry you through the break. Got to focus in on this show I'm watching. Gawd Speeeeeeeeed in the Markut.

    • What a moron to go on the record as "wanting to see Obama fail." Eff him. He's less than a ZERO. Marta figured it out pretty fast.

      It's really simple. Obviously you didn't listen to him. He said........ Listen to me now.....

      "Why should I hope that someone that believes completely different than I succeeds"?

      I don't know about you but I do stand up for what I believe in and that is what he is doing. Nevermind he is getting what he wants with the publicity. He struck a nerve. Just like Rick Santelli did on CNBC. We still do have free speech now don't we? Is that the next thing to go?

      My question is where is my bailout? Do I need to to become a loser so I can game the system like the rest of the losers. What is the world coming to when you reward sorriness? Where will this lead us? Is this really what we what?

      Disclaimer: I'm not a writer so excuse my spelling and grammer. I'm no liberal so excuse my pessimissism and I'm not a veterinarian but I do know a horses arse when I see one!

    • "What's going on with MSFT?"

      I don't know. I'm holding a little. I really think there's a pretty good chance they catch a tailwind with 7.

      Lot's of work for anything to actually to start anything on a daily chart, but some things are starting to look constructive on the hourly charts, MSFT among them.

    • I just couldn't follow those two posts. What do I have to do with impeachment? And what was that business about an automatic 5 stars?

      I actually like what Rodney King had to say and I think he was speaking from the heart.

      I don't like a lot of things that are happening and will happen as a result of having the old line Democrats in power (I think Obama would have been better off without most of them, but political reality would not permit it). You notice how all these bozos are coming up delinquent on their taxes? This goes to my long held belief that the Republicans are honest and open about loving money while they pretend to be horrified by all things homosexual. On the other hand, the Democrats openly embrace all things gay but pretend to abhor money.

      So, of course, you end up with Democrats being found to be cheating on taxes and embezzling while the Republicans are the ones who get caught in "a wide stance" as it were.

      (By the way, I thought Clinton was a fool to lie about the BJ, and the consequences were catastrophic. Had he not been under siege as a result of that lie, he might have been able to take swifter action and knock out Bin Laden, but I think he hesitated to authorize the cruise missile strike for fear it would be perceived as saber rattling to draw attention from his troubles.)

      And I'm quite sure the Clintons were on the take in Arkansas. The whole cattlegate thing smelled to high heaven.

      But money and sex (straight or gay) are minor matters IMO. I will never forgive the Commander-in-Chief sending the military into harm's way based on lies. It was treason. He should be in the Gitmo without access to an attorney.

      My original post in this thread was intended to point out that all stock message boards of stocks that are pounded into the ground end up as venues for the losers to vent their frustrations without an ounce of introspection as to how the posters themselves managed to hit the buy button and ride the crap into the ground.

      Talk radio is poison and Rush Dumbo is an intelligent but misguided and selfish asswipe. People should try listening to classical music instead of filling their heads with vitriol which serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of the talking heads at the expense of actual solution seeking and the give and take discussions that would entail. I mentioned Limbo's deafness because it's emblematic: he can't hear anyone, but he never listened anyway.

      What a moron to go on the record as "wanting to see Obama fail." Eff him. He's less than a ZERO. Marta figured it out pretty fast.

    • I forgot to mention USO changed their strategy in the way the roll over. They do it over a 4 day period to try to keep people from gaming it.

      Still a losing strategy. I'll stick with what I'm currently doing.

      What's going on with MSFT?

    • FYI..... I don't drink, smoke or do drugs.

      What makes you think that?

    • I digress. I don't like USO because it is a victim of contango. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if the guys running that thing are taking advantage of the holders

      I agree 100%. I'm STILL down on USO from $28. I do believe oil is going higher but there has to be a better way to play it. Maybe USL? In USL the contango is spread over the year. Same result but with less near term effect. The trick is to buy USO when the contango is in full effect. USO is volatile. You can get slammed in a hurry as I did overnight. I hate that! You know better than I that it's only for people that understand what they are buying. (I'm nothing more than a country boy contractor) All said and done "contango" is nothing more than the cost of storage of the oil, but I'm with you, it's not for me. It sucks to get a 5 or 6% charge every month when they roll over the futures. Really sounds like a losing strategy to me.

      I'll stick with buying high quality best of breed stocks on a huge down day and trading until things change.

    • Are you hitting the sauce Hair Ball? Your last two posts don't make any sense to me.

    • "Still holding USO too."

      I've never traded USO. I made some dough shorting XLE and buying DUG when oil was crashing, but then I started playing oil futures for bounces. I had some initial success, but then the effing contango demonstrated that there's more to this than I care to mess with. Last month I started buying March futures at $40 (mind you, the March oil futures settled the middle of Feb, so you have to at very least pay attention to such details --- I mean, March stock index futures settle 3rd Friday of March as it should be). The pros hammed that shit into the ground and managed to get the spread between March and April up to close to $10 a few days before settlement. At that point I figured if I had an effing warehouse I'd just put the barrels in it and wait for reality to reassert itself, but I was too chicken to do the next best thing: short April and add to my March long position. (Which was a crying shame since "they" brought them back within a buck or two by the March settlement.)

      So I sat there like a dumbass and prayed to the trading Gawds. They came through --- I got all but a couple K back, but it reminded me why I don't like trading crap that has a contract expiration date. If I were less lazy I think I could figure this out and make a bunch taking advantage of things like contango (how does that line go? "When you're contagoing and you get contangoed up, you just contango on."), but what's the point? At least with stocks you can hold on and wait for someone to think they're cheap --- and with the variety of toilet paper I typically trade that always happens eventually so the trick is to always have working capital available to trade around the position (a trick I learned from a a hedgefund manager who, though he was a habitual liar, he told lies from which I learned a thing or two about a thing or two).

      I digress. I don't like USO because it is a victim of contango. I would not be the slightest bit surprised if the guys running that thing are taking advantage of the holders (i.e., knowing the situation the fund faces with having to rollover, the managers position themselves (with their own money I mean) to profit from the dislocations they are about to cause in the market.

      Oh well, there are many ways to skin a Cornish Hen; I like to keep it relatively simple. I don't like fighting the calendar.

    • Oh ........I forgot to give that post 5 stars immediately. Yahoo took that away when I upgraded my comp.

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