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  • tshih_90630 tshih_90630 Oct 18, 2009 10:09 AM Flag

    Why can't Intel raise chip price

    by 20%?

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    • They dont have to...Moore's Law and economies of scale. Costs dropping per chip, so Intel wins with either flat or slightly lower ASPs.

    • for the exact same reason they can't raise it 200%

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      • lets_all_work_together lets_all_work_together Oct 18, 2009 11:41 AM Flag

        look, go to best buy and see that there is no computers in the store because there waiting for shipments of window 7 loaded computers...millions of folks have been also waiting to BUY there new computers...INTC sales and earnimngs this 1/4er will be super, net of .43 vs .33 last 1/4er....earnings will drive share price the next 3 months not the barrons article that will be gone by next week...all im saying is IMo if you buy INTC at say $20.00 and hold it 90 days you will see $21.50 to $22.25...thats a huge proof it out just pop up MSFT and look at there steady move...hey im buying a new notebook as soon as best buy gets the new windows in from HP...i haven't bought a new one for 6 years and my old one is toast...well most co's and indivduals will also buy so you shoukld be owning eithyer MSFT or INTC...OK, i allready traded MSFT and made a nice lick but INTC with it's recently reported .33 cent earnings and the anticipated .10 cent 4th 1/4th 1/4er kick to .43 and the drop in shareprice from the other day when the earnings bumped up the shareprice is the way to go IMO...heres a caveate, i spoke to the head GEEK at Best But the other day about future computer sales with the new windows 7 and he said Windows 7 is far better than Vista and i need to buy a new computer!...Hello! is anybody home?...75% of all folks that have Vista will want to BUY, BUY, BUY in that order...the BUZ will be incredable!...did the Barron's article mention any of these points?...

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