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  • mystk7 mystk7 Jan 3, 2011 7:09 PM Flag

    AMD has HD 5800/6800/6900, where is Intel's Larabee I mean laughabee?

    Read the reviews folks (it does take some work reading the performance charts): the math behind the laptop chips doesn't add up. They are just ridiculously powerful for the wattage. I don't know what Intel has done. It could be brilliant engineering, but I suspect something else is up--that Intel is using a different process on their laptop chips. I could be wrong, and it could simply be a breakthrough in engineering, but the review on Anandtech shows the quad core Sandy laptop chip performing like a desktop part on many benchmarks--incredible performance, but the battery life is almost like an Atom. I'm not kidding--I have read it all day, and compared Anandtech's numbers. Anandtech is a very sharp outfit and they are clearly scratching their heads because something isn't right--the chip performs too well for its wattage. They try to analyze it, but they don't propose many reasons for the improved performance. If Intel is using an SOI 32nm HKMG process for its laptop chips, or some other new technique, it could explain the performance jump on the laptop chips. Why the stock is down is utterly bizarre. Read for yourself:

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