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  • paul.ottelini paul.ottelini Feb 19, 2011 12:18 PM Flag

    Intel stock still has a long way to go up.

    Intel earnings has been one of the best in beating estimates, quarter after quarter, for at least the past year. Yet the stock has gone up 6%, while the rest of the nasdaq has gone up 26% in the past year.
    Intel has proven its growth abilities and it will continue to do so.
    As for the stock, there is alot of room for it to rise. At least another 20%, even if the nasdaq stays stagnant. That would put Intel over $26 a share.

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    • INTC's stock price is at the same price now as in November 1998. All stock pro's will tell you, increasing dividend's(INTC) is the answer. Also, INTC has A+ management,cash flow,balance sheet, and most important, a history of increasing dividend payment's to shareholder's. Most of INTC's operations are in rising GDP's countries. With the fed fund's rate at near 0%... INTC's dividend look's good and,imo, will rise soon.

    • But you now have marsavian on your board.I hope he doesn't jinx your stock like ASTC that he has pumped from 20 to a dollar.

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      • I only actively encouraged others to buy ASTC when it was $1 or less, in fact I bought myself at its lowest ever Ask price of $0.25 when you and Brad were crowing it would go bankrupt. Those who bought at the lowest Bid price of $0.20 found themselves sitting on a 20x bagger when it hit $4 1-2 years later, when was the last time you recommended a 20x bagger ? This is not just theoretical, many have personally thanked me in either posts or pms for my recommendations leading to their very healthy profits. The stock is way undervalued even now at 50% book value and is ready to resume profitability next quarter which should give it a nice pop again so I would definitely recommend buying it again to anyone now. I'm sorry you lost money on it due to the failure to win the COTS contracts at the time but you should have been buying at 25c not bashing and you would have got 5X the money back even now and made good your losses and then some.

      • If you want to make it with Alex Trebek, you're going to have to work on those communication skills.

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