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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Apr 29, 2011 9:57 AM Flag

    Do not fight it. The rally has begun. To 50

    Of course my GOP friends are torn by the entire thing. I mean they want to make money and they know it is good for the nation but they hate that a Dow 18000 would hand a landslide victory to the Democratic President.

    But oh well, they can deal with it.

    Funny how the last great Bull run happened when Clinton was in office, another Dem.

    Of course it is dumb luck but life is full of dumb luck we all know. It was dumb luck that Pres OB got to run against an idiot like Hillary and then Mcpain.
    It will also be even dumber luck when he gets to run against a Mormon.

    Seems to me that Rupert and his media pulls the GOP farther to the right each day. This means the GOP is becoming unelectable in a Presidential year. The Teabaggers are nuts.

    The GOP used to be a middle of the rode political party. But now they are crazed to the right. I think 9-11 caused this shift to the extremes. But oh well.

    A party that rejects all non-whites and talks nonsense like Birther--is heading for a train wreck.

    4 more years for OB.
    He might get lucky and see a couple of rightwingers on the court who will step down or drop dead. he then will move the court to the left and the Dems will reverse the nonsense the court has used to hurt the working class.

    Corporations will no longer be people.
    Election coups by the right will end.
    Unions will again be protected.

    All because the rightwing GOP hooked up with the KKK, Teabaggers, and other such low lives.

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