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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 May 10, 2011 11:32 AM Flag

    The Default threat would come in August.

    Now what is interesting to me is the political fight on the Republican side.

    You have the super rich and educated who would never allow the default to occur. After all, the default would cost the nation huge money in increasing interest rates paid to those who fund the nation's debt now.
    BUT another part of the Republican party is stupid and or crazy and they want to push the default.

    The Big money people will win and what we might see is a split in the Republican party that leads to a true third party.
    That would not be so bad if the GOP was then able to move to the center where its core belongs. It would also allow the Dems to move to the left where they want to be. The Tea party would take up the far right.
    Three parties and a real fight.
    The Tea party seems to be much like the Old Confederates in that it is for states rights and it has its core in the Old South.

    The Republican party as an Eisenhower, Nixon, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lincoln party could become the dominate party in a three man fight. However, if the two parties now just continue in fighting--Tea party GOP against Nixon GOP, then the Dems will win huge victories in the next few elections.

    Last--the troubling thing about the Tea-party Birther part of the GOP is how it is alienating the vast majority of minorities into the Democrats hands. Asking for the Black mans birth certificate sure is not going to win minority votes is it Mr. Trump--you fool.

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