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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Jul 2, 2011 7:41 AM Flag

    What on earth is wrong with the Republican Party?

    Talk is cheap my Dem friends.

    Of course GOP fans talk the talk now but when you push past the BS, you will find that most are pessimistic when it comes to defeating the pres.

    Look how the money is flowing. it makes OB a massive favorite to win re-election. You have to bet 5 dollars just to win 2 if you bet on him because he is a huge favorite.


    Because most Presidents, when the run, win their 2nd term.

    Go ahead and talk the talk GOP fans but you know your party is a wreck.
    if Romney or Bachman are your best, we have proof positive that the better people do not want to run against a standing President.

    I bet it pained some of you idiots greatly to see the Birth certificate.

    All those happy LIBs dancing up and down when OB won made you barf. Did you scream that you wanted your country back? You really to need to travel out more because your country is a changing. Those kids of all colors are now friends. They like OB. They think you are an idiot.

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    • What r u from, the year one? Everybody under the age of 60 has been friends with everybody and marrying everybody for a long long time. Obama barely got elected the first go round and now everybody sees exactly what hes done for his first term and knows exactly what he ll do for a second. And NO ONE wants it. Not Whites, not Blacks, not latinos, not even gays. And certainly not Independents what are leaving in droves. Those just out of College want JOBS. They dont want to work for govt or a Health Care Hospital. You got any better ideas? Where the hell are Dem ideas anyway? A health care panel that decides who lives an who dies? You couldnt even get a job as a hack journalist or for a public relations smear campaign with that line of bunk. You are going to have to do better than that.

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