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  • hector_cornholed_amders hector_cornholed_amders Jul 9, 2011 10:09 AM Flag

    You might be watching the end of something or the start of something.

    Will the PRES really help the GOP rip SS and Medicare to pieces? Looks like it.

    Change you can believe it? HAAAA HAAAA
    The laugh hurts but still I laugh.

    Just think--No President has ever decreased the programs since they were started. Even GX Bush added to the programs with the perscription drug add on for Medicare.

    So this week, based on a crazed threat which no one believes the GOP would actually carry out, the pres is folding and giving away everything. this even though Secratary of the Treasury TIm pointed out that the 14 amendment gives the President the perfect Constitutional power to ignore the Congress in order to pay the bills.

    What did OB then say?
    YEAH--he said he would not use it.

    Libs voted for a man to end the wars.
    Both wars still going on and now a third in Libya.

    Libs voted for a man to pass a national healthcare.
    OB passed a joke.

    Libs voted for a man who would do his FDR and create jobs using government programs.
    OB did nothing.

    Libs wanted the crooks at banks who wrecked the economy to go to jail. OB smiled and never even charged one big banker.

    Change you can believe in?
    YEAH--if you wanted to swing to the right of GW then we did get that change.
    GW improved medicare for the old but now OB WANTS TO DESTROY THE SYSTEM.

    Just like a fox in the chicken pen, he is ripping the Dem party apart.

    Rocky is correct.,47162/

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