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  • amdroaddkill2010 amdroaddkill2010 Jul 9, 2011 10:18 AM Flag

    You might be watching the end of something or the start of something.

    Think about this. Obama has neither skill or the stomach for negotiating with the Republicans. He gives them everything they want and more. Indeed, now he's trying to outdo them on this budget cutting business (in the middle of the Great Recession, no less). Let's see the Congressional Democrats force him into negotiating with them. Maybe they can get him to fold like the cheap tent he's been in negotiations with the Republicans. Maybe not. he's been a Republican President in everything except skin color.

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    • It's well past time for the Democrats to dump Obama. They did it with another Democrat who was in the White House, and that President had a lot more of a reason to call for support--Lyndon Johnson at least had some historically major accomplishments on the domestic front. Time for Obama to go, and if he tries to stick around, time for the Democrats to dump him.

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      • Dear Ms Pelosi,

        I trust you have observed this nominally Democratic President long enough to know that he will sell America's middle class and all traditional Democrats down the river. His appointees are largely Bush holdovers in the financial sector and the military. He does not support traditional Democratic programs or policies.

        Here are the facts (two and half years worth of an "Obama Track Record"):

        1. The Debt and Fair Taxes: Washington Post-ABC
        poll Washington Post-ABC poll, Spring 2011: 72 percent supported raising taxes
        on the rich including 68 percent of Independents and 54 percent of Republicans.
        Obama twice ‘bargained’ to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Obama
        never stepped forward to lead on this issue - even with 72% of Americans
        supporting it. In fact, he ‘negotiated’ the continuation of Bush tax cuts for
        the wealthy, not once, but twice – first with McConnell and then again with

        2. TARP & Financial Bailout: Over 70% of us
        opposed the bailout. Obama accelerated it with Geithner and Bernanke - both
        Bush carryovers embraced by Obama.
        Geithner is soon to receive his ‘bailout’ from the financial sector (as
        he soon ‘retires’ from the Obama administration).

        3. Health Care: 72% of us supported “a
        government­administered insurance plan - something like Medicare for those
        under 65—that would compete for customers with private insurers.” Instead he
        supported a private-sector, for-profit health insurance 'reform' providing
        insurance companies fabulous guaranteed profits – in the form of hundreds of
        millions of new ‘mandated customers’. For the 'mandated customers' who cant
        afford the exorbitant private sector for-profit rates, taxpayer money will pay
        the difference directly to the insurance companies. The private for-profit
        insurance companies are guaranteed by law an ‘overhead’ of 20%. This Obama did
        with Democratic majorities in both houses and as a nominally Democratic
        President, effectively flushing away six-plus decades of Democratic public

        4. Afghanistan: 64% of us opposed expanding the war
        in Afghanistan and wanted to disentangle from Bush-era ‘War on Terror’ and
        ‘preventive war’ policies. Today, still over 60% of Americans oppose the war.
        More troops will be in Afghanistan when Obama leaves office than when he 'began
        the draw down'. For the War Department, more money will be squirreled away in
        Defense than when Obama took office – just this year, a six percent increase
        was injected to ‘absorb’ the 3% ‘cut’ they may get (to ‘fight the deficit’).

        And, oh, for those who may have missed the big kick
        in the butt Obama's Secretary of Treasury gave to the Democrats while he was in

        In a speech while in Europe last quarter (reported
        in the Financial Times), Geithner told the Europeans that the US had made
        "a fundamental shift”. He added:

        "When you have both the president of the
        United States and the Republican leadership in Congress both embracing the same
        basic target for deficit have made a fundamental

        HThe message Ms Pelosi is "no Democrats need apply". Basically, Democrats will be systematically excluded from the negotiations and are irrelevant. The fact is we, as Democrats, cannot and will not re-nominate Obama. I believe he would make a terrific Republican candidate (and would probably be un-beatble, if he could get the Republican nomination), but Obama is not a candidate the Democrats can afford to put forward again. Listen again (above) to the words of his Secretary of Treasury and look again at his actions summarized above at 1-4.

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