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  • theblueredmonk theblueredmonk Sep 6, 2011 5:53 AM Flag

    The Intel Tax

    his time around Microsoft isn't going after ARM because of a lack of faith in Intel like they had in the past. They just see a huge install base of ARM processors and need to have a solution available in case a realistic opportunity comes up. Right now Windows 8 for Arm is exploratory and I am skeptical that it will turn into much of anything. If it does, I think the entry point will be through cell phones.

    Windows 8 for Arm is exploratory? Erm, not according to MS:

    Sinofsky: Today’s demonstrations will highlight the work we have done on the architecture of Windows to enable the richness of the Windows platform to run natively on the ARM platform. That includes support across a full range of scenarios like hardware accelerated media playback, hardware accelerated Web browsing with the latest Internet Explorer, USB device support, printing, and other features customers have come to expect from their computing experience.

    Do a search for "ARM windows 8" and you'll come across a load of links/news.

    From yesterday:

    Thus far, Microsoft has kept quiet on the matter and has not responded to our queries, but it looks likely that the Windows 8 launch will bring with it a flood of ARM-powered devices which will make this year's Ultrabook focus seem like a passing fad.

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