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  • flumoxed11 flumoxed11 Sep 11, 2011 9:44 AM Flag

    Here's the disaster in a nutshell


    I guess you need some basics about the American Revolution. I suggest you read 1776 by McCullough or a good G. Washington biography.

    At the time, the southern "republicans" such as Jefferson considered the creation of the federal government to be unacceptable meddling and socialism (partially because they already sensed their slavery system would be overturned, and they also foresaw that they would have to submit some of their freedoms to a central government that would do things only governments can do).

    Washington was one of them, but became Commander in Chief of the Continental Army. Over the 8 year conflict he came to realize that NOT having a Federal government would be a couldn't pay the troops or supply the army..etc etc. you needed a central bank, a treasury, etc etc... all the stuff you slobs are objecting to.

    So Washington flipped and became a Federalist.
    Frankly, Jefferson was a tea bagger of his day, and he was glorified over the past 200 years by southern historians who are pushing a kinder gentler tea bag agenda..the real architects of the US constitution and democracy were Adams and Franklin(northern liberals).

    Bottom line: The US democracy created in the late 1700's IS SOCIALISM!!! What you cave dwellers want is to go back to a primitive tribal hunter gatherer society (so you can shoot and stew up coons and keep slaves).

    This tea-bag crapola is 99% IGNORANCE of what this country is. It is not laisse-faire freedom. It has a government that rules by laws, and you and I do not evr agree with all of it, but we're lucky to have it. The fact is, you have to understand it to appreciate it, but few of the tea baggers can find New jersey on the map, use toilet paper, and understand our system. The only mistake the founding fathers made was granting the right to vote to you toothless moonshiners.

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    • <<NOT having a Federal government would be a disaster>>

      This is where the lefties begin their journy to the dark side. NO BODY ever suggested there shouldn't be a government. There needs to be a central athority to force those who would steal in any manor to back off of the general popultion so there can be time away from guarding property so work can be done. Capitalism is not anarchy. Nor can it exist without strict rules of engagement. But the rules must be basic and well outlined to their limits.

      <<The US democracy created in the late 1700's IS SOCIALISM>>

      Let's define the terms. Fascism is government control of private business (most of what we have today). Communism is government ownership of business. They are both under the heading of socialism and are not opposites becasue the government is the main player, producer, athority, benifactor....
      Capitalism is the freedom of the individual to make his way how he sees fit without the ability to harm others or take unearned property. The transfer of goods is up to the supplier and the consumer as long as they adhere to the same set of standards.

      The reason I claim the gov't is socialist is becasue there is MORE SPENT ON welfare, SS, and other points of redistribution than there is on the military and roads. I'm willing to keep the EPA as long as they stop trying to make laws that make it imposible for a private farmer to sell or gorw anything, or limit prices or force certain types of sales.....

      MOST gov't agencies today have gone way to far into controlling private sector dealings.

      The Ed Dept should be taken back about 95% and have the student loan program and nothing else. The failure of the US schools is amazing. It gets worse every time we increase the budget. It all goes to administration and office expences.

      Have you ever read Jefferson? He was one of the most left wing of his time. He is quoted by the right today because they were all so right wing at the time. But he was for increasing government controls to a point few back then were comfortable with.

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