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  • fmsg35 fmsg35 Sep 12, 2011 10:16 AM Flag

    A new Ipad will not even work till its conected to a computer with i tunes

    Yea its going to replace computers , The piece of crap toy.
    Why doesn't anyone even mention this. I just found it out helping someone with theirs over the week end.
    Its main function is a large music, movie, video, email
    viewer. Joke
    I also just bought a xps dell 17 inch laptop for $1260.00
    with the same hardware specs as the mac pro which costs a whopping $2600.00 are they NUTS.

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    • ltisteve Sep 12, 2011 10:59 AM Flag

      Analysts have confused the IPad for a computer. It's a consumer gadget fad device. The underlying goal to the device is to help consumers figure out how to give more of their money to Apple. Because, as you know, $72 billion in cash isn't enough for any corporation, let's go for 100!

      Apple has this motto "Sure you can find better computer equipment, but you'll never pay more!" But to be fair, Apple is so concerned about the American economy that they insist on making all the computers within the United States of America. You can feel good knowing that that American factory worker is helping spend money in the United States. This benevolent circle helps America recover from a bad economy. So, though you are paying extra, it stays here.

      Wait a minute, they are outsourcing the jobs to the low cost bidder in Asia,


    • When i say it won't work I mean it will not even turn on.
      Its a big paper weight till its plugged in to a computer with Itunes.

    • IMO, there are places where a "thin network client" will be sufficient to satisfy the needs of the application. There are lots of service organizations that would benefit with a device that connects with company databases. I like to think of (1) capability and (2) form factor.

      I also believe that those who say "XXX is dead" are engaging in intentional, unnecessary hyperbole.

      The new iPad is a device with certain capabilities. If Apple has moved to far in the proprietary interface direction, the market will judge whether the benefit of the device outweighs any new constraints.

      Companies that push to hard end up with "less than successful" products. Intel has a couple as do every other large company.

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