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  • alexander.dumbass alexander.dumbass Oct 12, 2011 10:43 AM Flag

    AMD's new Bulldozer chip a disaster

    Disaster is a little harsh. There will be tasks that will benefit from the extra cores. Small footprint problems that work on small data sets will do well. Getting all the cores to work properly, even on one chip is not trivial though. It make take awhile to get the operation tuned and bottlenecks cleared.

    I was more interested in the package. The Bulldozer package, if it is released in a package of ~950 pins, how will it feed the cores with code and data. The Sandybridge comes in a package with 1155 pins. With 200 more pins, I suspect that there is a smaller data pipe on Bulldozer than Sandybridge. Wider data bus? Dedicated ports?

    I guess that multiple Bulldozer sockets can be tied together. If so, the snoop bandwidth between the CPU will be very, very high in order to maintain coherency.

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