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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Oct 21, 2011 4:46 PM Flag

    A quick comparison

    Intel has an earning per share of $2.18. The P/E is around 12.
    Let's plug in some other P/E's for a quick "What if"

    Stock: P/E Intel comparable price
    AMD 4.20 $9.16
    Apple 15.54 $33.86
    IBM 14.75 $32.16
    JNJ 15.26 $33.27
    Pepsico 15.61 $34.03
    ARMH 83.74 $182.56

    I threw some other non-industry stocks in there to make it a bit more interesting. All I am saying is that a few ticks up in the ratio will take Intel to over $30 a share. Perhaps some ARM investors, after seeing the writing on the wall will want to divest in ARMH and help us kick up the ratio?

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    • Whoa there intc_Pilgrim, how bout them stock options INTC gives away, diluting da stock, huh?

      C Yaz - Da bear Cares [CGDGE] ( Thems cheapie deepie strikes guarantee a flood of exercises and dumps. It'll get there eventually, but, a lotta BTOs [big time operators] gotta get rich before y'all see some trickle down. I'm looking to dump arounf $24.50 and get back around $21. )

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