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  • ghostupinhere ghostupinhere Oct 25, 2011 6:19 PM Flag

    Insider selling at Intel, read all about it

    .....on yahoo headlines. No insiders have bought the stock in the last year !! Not even at putrid levels. Yet some recently sold.

    Give me ONE coherent answer for that, Intel fanboys!

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    • Most transactions this year by Insiders have been exercise options then dispositions. This is in the form of disposing some stock to cover taxes, balance being transferred to their other family interest.

      If anything, intel insiders are investing more than ever into their bussiness. Ok you say they are only exercising their bonus payment options. Though if they didn't get options they would get cash bonuses. Guess what even insiders can see their company as the best place to put thier money, so they invest in intel.

      To me, it's a very bullish sign.

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      • "Guess what even insiders can see their company as the best place to put thier money, so they invest in intel."

        So you interpret what William Holt and Thomas Kilroy did on October 19, 2011 INVESTING in INTEL?

        The entire point of the increased buyback activity was to make those options worthwhile.

        If those insiders thought the shares were going to appreciate substantially, they wouldn't have dumped their entire exercise amount. Furthermore, this are sizable transactions (and bigger that either of those insiders' remaining Intel holdings, and NO, these transactions are NOT dispositions, they were outright sales.

        Don't be too shocked if the cycle has peaked again.

        Boo Yah Homegamers!

      • So, insiders getting free rides is a bullish sign, LOL.

        the problem with longs is, as usual, they'll be too dumb to take profits, and again, ride it down.

    • There is a lot of that.

      Not a single buy (not one) from any insider of Apple in the last 4 years but tons of selling. Apple was below $100 per share the last time an Apple insider bought. That sounds like Apple is doing worse than Intel, when you use insider activity as a metric.

      Oracle. Same story. Less Oracle insider interest than Intel.

      My guess would be that the Intel insiders are deleveraging debt, accumulating cash and diversifying.

      I think the same could be true of other insiders too. What do you think?

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