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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Nov 11, 2011 11:40 AM Flag

    Intel developing new tablet chip

    "Intel is working on a new CPU line that is designed exclusively for tablets.

    It looks as though Intel's upcoming mobile chip, codenamed Medfield, will be making its way to smartphones but steering clear of slates with this new tablet chip taking its place.

    Digitimes is reporting that the new tablet processors will be particularly focused on thermal design power (TDP) and performance.

    Digitimes, digital times
    The occasionally-reliable Digitimes has heard the news from an anonymous source, so don't take any of this as gospel.

    These mysterious sources also added that the company will launch 32nm Saltwell, 22nm Silvermont and 14nm Airmont chipsets over the course of the next three years.

    Intel is also looking to reduce power consumption of its processors, with the Medfield chips and these unnamed tablet chips set to come down to 10W in the next two years.

    On the one hand, it's entirely believable – but on the other hand, the rumours have come from Digitimes, so we'll stick with the middling 'quite likely' on the TechRadar rumourometer for now."

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    • Everything you are complaining about has already been addressed.

      Did you bother to read the earnings conference transcript or listen to the audio?

      Did you listen to the Wells Fargo Securities Technology, Media & Telecom Conference audio?

      You want them to do something but you are apparently unwilling to even look at what they are doing.

      I'm starting to think that you are just another shill.

      If you are not going to consider what is being done, then stop with the mindless complaints...

    • Ideal Investor, you should sell your shares right now, take the loss and move on. Intel has failed you miserably and will continue to do so.

    • Wallis, Yes...Intel is doing well on the server side. But that does not mean that they have not failed in the Tablet/Smartphone spaces.

      I wouldn't want to keep looking at the successes and ignore the failures. That is no way to improve.

      Further, Intel cannot afford to cede any part of the Tablet or Smartphone market. Fundamental marketing concepts prescribe that if you allow competitors to establish a beachhead in a low-end segment, they can use that to move to higher priced products. This has been done time and again, the most well-known example is the Japanese car companies starting off with econo-boxes and moving to larger and luxury cars.

      Andy Grove was right - you got to be paranoid. That is why the market is paranoid about Intel...when will Intel shore up their defenses and go on the offensive with an x86 line that spans from Smartphones to Tablets to Laptops to Desktops to Servers....?

      Also, there were reports indicating Apple threatened to move away from x86 because the power envelope was too high. Intel executives mentioned this as a "wake up call" for them. If it was a wake-up call, clearly they were asleep at the wheel completely ignoring what Andy Grove had taught them to do.

    • Hey

      Do you like Sports?

      How about boxing?
      Does the guy who wins the first round always win the fight? NO
      Well, as long as he does not knock the other guy out he does not always win.

      Did anyone knock Intel out?

      Intel is in bed with Google. Google will make their OS for Androids to work best with Intel chips.
      Now given that android is the number one phone OS in America and soon the world, how can that be a death blow for Intel?

      Sure, Intel is late to the phone game but hardly is it going to be the loser in this fight.

      Likely, no one will lose for a long time now. Phones will sell with both the Arm and the Android operating systems in huge volume.

      The key is the smart phone space and here is where Intel likely be the huge winner starting sometime in 2012.

      BUT--,as we Intel fanboys know, Intel makes
      most of its money on server chips and that will be unbelievably good for years and years to come.

      The fact that AMD is ROADKILL assures that.

    • Romley is just around the corner. Activity is already ramping up.

      You are way too focused on the consumer side when servers and data centers are where the action and big revenues are.

      Once again, listen to the conference audio. It will tell you a lot of things you really need to know if you are going to maintain your investment in Intel.

      And Ivy Bridge is right behind Romley. Haswell is the architecture upgrade to Ivy Bridge. The 22nm chips are already in volume production. Ivy Bridge is going to be another huge success, just like Sandy Bridge.

    • "They have NOTHING on tablet/smartphone chips which are DUDS."


      You did the same research on this as you did on the 35 Intel tablet designs. None. You wouldn't know Haswell from head cheese.

      When was the last time that you posted anything that had more with it than your opinion?

      And better yet, why are you still here? Go back and tell your boss that the war is lost and you need a new assignment...

    • Unfortunately, Haswell is at least a year and a half away.

      Ultrabooks could prove to be a winner...with a touch-screen and Android option. Would be versatile for use as both a laptop and a tablet.

      But even the ultrabook with touch-screen is probably several months away.

      Intel, surprise us!

    • You should really go listen to the audio on the last conference.

      One of the major things I took away from it was how irrelevant smart phones are to Intel's success over the next five years. They are almost a nuisance item.

      Here you are all worked up into a lather over smart phones and they are really just a small part of a very promising future.

      I'll bet you that you can't listen to it and not come back completely enthused about Intel's near and medium-term future...

    • They are leaking Haswell Information. They have NOTHING on tablet/smartphone chips which are DUDS.

      Their tablet strategy is more BORING ULTRABOOKS.

    • Since Intel has had several years to respond to the Smartphone challenge and almost 2 years to respond to the iPad challenge, Intel should be able to articulate a clear strategy and a timeline when Intel CPUs will be in both.

      Announcing something in CES 2010 and 2011 and not delivering has severely impacted Intel's credibility.

      Ok, I understand they cannot pre-announce the OEM or specific products. But this is a cover Intel has used repeatedly to delay and obfuscate their non-performance.

      I don't see any reason why Intel cannot publish more information about their forthcoming Tablet and Smartphone CPUs. As well as technology comparisons (power, thermals, and performance) between their forthcoming x86 Tablet and Smartphone CPUs versus Tegra versus Snapdragon versus TI OMAP. Tech sites would be happy to publish if Intel were to "leak" the information.

      And don't tell me that this is highly competitive information that should not be made available. If Intel's competitors could leverage this information and get more of a lead, it only indicates Intel is further behind than what we were led to believe.

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