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  • maximum_probability maximum_probability Nov 17, 2011 1:46 PM Flag

    Armh cant be a long term threat to intel

    How can a company the depends on technological innovations of others to make their chips a reality can be a threat to intel in its core business when intel is doing both design and technology research?

    Armh is nothing but a tulip mania story all over again benefited by the hystrionic infatuation of an idiot planet with cellphones.

    Yes i am to suddenly believe the future is a collection of millions of cell phone type chips all working together in a server. Whatever. Sounds too totalitarian without character and individualism if you ask me. Borg anyone?

    Arm will never pass intel where it counts ie brutal execution performance results on hardcore computing. And energy efficiency is an issue that eventually is equalized by intel to not matter in mobile technology gizmos.

    To really go after intel arm would have needed to own their own fabs and to control research in tangible performance real science sense not just the design front. Whatever performance over energy ratio they have an advantage over exploiting a transition to smaller and leaner is eventually going to hit a barrier of innovation that intel will own long term always against opportunistic trend chasing entitities.

    Its like they try to defeat intel by depending on technological innovations of others that historically have had no chance to directly compete with intel. So good luck to that idea.

    All Arm will do long term is to wake up the giant in the efficiency sector (energy vs performance) and initiate A LOSING RACE only to vindicate once again the idea that only the paranoid survive. So bring it!

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    • I don't think in terms of ARM winning over Intel. I like to think in terms of ARM slightly nudging the trajectory of Intel. It's pushed Intel into larger profits, so it's not all bad.

      I think ARMH and it's licensees like Nvidia are making a huge mistake by taking on Intel so openly. They don't have the resources to really take on Intel in an all out assault. It would take about five to ten years to be in any kind of position to attack Intel's market head on and inflict the damage they claim they can inflict. But, the hyperbole laced rhetoric is never ending.


    • Engineers (getanid61) never get rich because they have no street smarts and buy stocks that their Dentist told that was "hawt".

    • I don't want to waste my time 'splaining to you how each Intel product falls in or out of the "defensive" product role. The bottom line is Intel has always come out on top in the product mix and consistently earned at a 60% gm or so.

      ARMH products are miserably low margin. Make up for it in high volume. With that kind of money, they'll never catch with Intel in R&D. No fabs, no glory.

      ARMH is a gambler's and hypester's stock.

    • Getanid61, your need to come to the Intel board day and night and argue with a) people you don't even know and will never meet b) people who could care less about ARMH c) people who won't make any difference in what happens with ARMH OR down right creepy. Get a life, stiff.

    • You have NO idea what's under the hood...
      NONE !!!!

      Besides Larabee, besides Meego, Besides Itanium, and other INtel failures...
      INtel can do no wrong...

      all the tech companies will be supporting ARM. ARM-64 isn't out yet, and you've declared game-over. If you don't realize how ignorant that is, Please tell us all what it's performance numbers will be ??
      How power efficient will it be ??
      What about ivy bridge ?? How does it compeare ?? Or how about you don't know...

      IMO, INtel will keep growing...
      But NOTHING you say, hope is true, or imagine, will stop the growth or ARM...

      You're NAIVE in viewing this as a zero sum game !!!

      'So bring it! '

      • 1 Reply to getanid61
      • ARMH is another Transmeta hype.

        95% fantasy, 5% reality.

        Fantasy: Move from pathetically low margin phone chips to juicy 60% margin server chips.

        Reality: No Tick, no Tock:
        Mountains of server software don't run on their weird architecture. Will take half a decade to make any significant dent in the server market, if ever.
        ARMH is a fabless wonder. Fab ownership is a must to have control over the process, accountability, and, most of all, not to have to share your profit with others. Ask AMD how they fabless strategy is working out, it's pitiful.

        ARMH shares will always be bouyed up by hot air and hype. Just like AMD's did for decades. But if you look at AMD's net profit over its 42 years of existence, it's NEGATIVE.

        ARMH is a gambler's stock.

    • Nice observations concerning Armh; what did people do before cellphones (did they pull off the road every 5 minutes and find a pay phone and have a vacuous conversation)? The people who I see fixated with their cellphones are the pimply faced, spiked haired individuals who are engrossed in playing games and texting while they are on their breaks as baggers at Costco or the local supermarket. People who are somewhat cerebral use a laptop that can process information and do some honest to goodness work. Armh is the reincarnation of AMD (so to speak).

    • Pigs get slaughtered and the Pigs holding this stock with a PE in the 70's will get slaughtered if they hold.

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