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  • getanid61 getanid61 Nov 22, 2011 9:09 AM Flag

    More Bad Fabrication News for ARM/TSMC

    "Do you know how they get a "1.9x increase in density"? I would think that any increase in "density" would be closer to the ratio of the 28nm to 20nm reduction. "

    The ratio works in both directions
    Find the AREA of a square or rectangle
    Horizontal side X Vertical side

    (28 x 28)/(20 x 20) = 1.96

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    • It doesn't make any difference.

      The production problems will keep ARM from building 20nm for years. If they build it without EUV the extra costs will be huge. Especially when you are only getting pennies per processor.

      If they go with EUV then there will be a very significant delay.

      Either way it's going to be a big impact.

      The ARM fabrication crisis just got worse...

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      • TSMC was never planning to use EUV at 20nm anyway which bursts your latest FUD piece bubble.

        'Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) will switch on its first extreme ultraviolet (EUV) machine in two weeks. The milestone marks the next step in the foundry's goal of evaluating three competing lithography machines for making next-generation chips.

        "We are the only company that has been open about trying all three—we are sticking our necks out," said Burn Lin, vice president of the nano-patterning division at TSMC, at a reception for the Semi Taiwan event.

        TSMC is already testing an alpha prototype version of a direct-write electron beam system from Mapper Lithography BV and getting "good results," he said. TSMC will install an e-beam machine from KLA Tencor next year, Lin added.

        Ultimately, TSMC will choose only one machine, likely for first use at the 14nm node.

        "In less than two years we hope to determine which is best," Lin said. TSMC purchased and installed the 3100 version of ASML's EUV system. It will turn on its light source for the first time in two weeks.

        Engineers have labored for years on EUV lithography but to date throughput for the machines is still far below commercial levels while their cost is reportedly greater than $120 million. Lin said he has high hopes for the e-beam systems because they do not require masks, saving complexity and cost.'

      • "In lithography, today's 193-nm immersion systems will serve both the 28-nm node TSMC is ramping now and the next-generation 20-nm node. But at 20 nm, fabs will need to use double patterning, essentially running wafers through some exposure processes twice to draw finer lines."

        [There go the margins...]

      • Wallis, as always, you don't have a clue !!!!

        "The production problems will keep ARM from building 20nm for years."

        Even you don't believe that...
        don't expect anyone else to

        "If they go with EUV then there will be a very significant delay."

        If, If, If... you DON'T KNOW !!!!!
        significant dealy huh... please tell us what that will be ??
        Or you don't have a clue !!!!

        "The ARM fabrication crisis just got worse... "

        How much are you paid to make this stuff up ????

    • last ex-wife always calls me 1-dimensional. makes sense. thanks.

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