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  • getanid61 getanid61 Nov 24, 2011 12:44 PM Flag

    AMD Roadmap Changes

    blah blah blah

    you've NO CLUE to reaction to future products.
    you've NO CLUE to future product specs
    You've NO CLUE to what future apps will be
    you've NO CLUE to future marketing budgets

    "See, that's the difference between Wally and me. "

    Wally doesn't take himself as seriously...

    Happy Thanksgiving !!

    • ltisteve Nov 25, 2011 10:58 AM Flag

      Oh, I must have hit a nerve!

      <you've NO CLUE to reaction to future products.>

      Sure, but I do have past data which suggest that without a large budget and an established brand ARM based products simply don't sell by themselves.

      <you've NO CLUE to future product specs>

      What you still want us to believe that there is going to be one ARM processor so special that ordinary people will get excited about the specs and ask for it by name? Don't think so. It's not just ARM, people get excited about products, not specs

      <You've NO CLUE to what future apps will be>

      Really? I ran down the list of the app ecosystem. Here it goes again 400K Apple 250 K Android 40K Windows Phone Too new/small to count " Windows 8 for ARM.

      If you were a developer, what eco system would you write for? Keep in mind you get paid on apps downloaded and paid for, not promises of a green future.

      <you've NO CLUE to future marketing budgets>

      Oh yeah, you're right. I am wrong about this. I seem to recall that the Detroit Lions game against GreenBay yesteray was sponsored by Windows for ARM. It featured some grumpy old man who was telling people that Nvidia ARM based processors would take over the laptop, desktop, servers and supercomputers.

      When the camera panned back he was standing in Fantasyland in Disneyland.

      I had a great Thankgiving, how was Disneyland?

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