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    • Only in this case neither 30 nor 35 are pumping, they are super realistic targets for 2012 for a stock that is way more undervalued than anything imaginable out there that is so dominant and superior in execution to all its competitors historically.

      Intel will be 500 one day if they get the game right in the next 20 years and if the current capitalist model doesnt evaporate under its own corruption to give room to a scientific society where hardcore capitalism without social ethics is no longer a respected behavior by society.

      What can be said for sure without the slightest pumping is that intel has a super solid chance to hit a new all time high this decade. Intel feels exactly like IBM and APPLE examples of the past that took several years doing nothing and then pulled a 5-10x after finally getting it right.

      At this point in time someone that invested in intel a fixed amount every month since 2000 (yes even before the crash) and reinvested all dividends has a base cost price of 20.5 and is easily profitable here even vs inflation just before a major breakout to new multiyear highs.

      This is actually the moment intel investors waited for a decade. It is happening right now with over 70% chance. Who cares if the other 20% is some bs mediocre 20-27 range for next 12 months and another 10% a major crash. As long as there is a 70% chance to top 30 very soon and a tiny chance to drop sub 20 with buybacks in action (however stupidly designed) and PE so small, its a solid not at all pumping vision to see 30+ soon.

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