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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 11, 2011 9:09 AM Flag

    Intel pump part 2.

    Oh yeah--do you know that Apple offered to go with Intel chips in phones but Intel refused the deal?

    Apple wanted a time line that gave it exclusive use of the top end Intel chips for phones for time periods.

    Intel said no thanks and do you want to use our chips. Intel will keep asking Apple and others until it wins most of them over.

    How many companies do not use Intel in servers? But there was a time when Intel had none of that market.

    So again, back to phones.
    The Death of the WinTel monopoly advantage is way way overblown. When Intel chips are in phones and allowing same phones to easily use the Company software and computers, the Intel advantage will be easy to see.

    When the Intel attack with Ultrabooks is smashing into world markets, the power of Intel will become apparent again to all.
    When Intel is the first to shrink even lower than can be done with silicon, using new material and to ship same in volume, Intel will be off and flying to a planet that other chip makers can just follow slowly behind.

    Intel will see 8 billion dollar net profits in a quarter before this decade of the 2010s is finished.
    It will be sued again and again for monopoly but unsuccessfully by ARM.

    We Intelers have seen this play before and this time, Intel is much better prepared than when AMD pulled the crying game.

    Would anyone feel so so confident of little ARMH to bet huge money against Intel? Well yes apparently and they have. They will regret that bet.

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