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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Dec 10, 2011 9:15 AM Flag

    Intel pump part 2.

    The stock has sucked for 11 years.
    So like an idiot who throws the coin 11 times and gets 11 tails in a row, you say this means Intel will get 12? You are too stupid to be invested so go put your money in interest earning account.
    You listen to the idiots at the criminal and well known inaccurate funds and investment banks like Goldman Sucks? Look--I mean Goldman would never lie would it? HAAA HAAA

    Goldman still says sell Intel and 19 is it. It will be saying this until Intel gets to the mid 30s--HAAA HAAA. Clowns.

    Here is what you need to know.
    Intel is growing rapidly in both Gross and Net Income. It makes the chips that power 90% of the servers in the world which power the explosion on the INTERNET. Cloud? Intel

    Intel, because of its huge two or three year advantage in chip engineering, is able to make chips now that will not only do servers but will also go into phones, Ultrabooks, cars, home security, televisions, aircraft, hospitals, schools, even your body.
    This is being made possible by the shrinks of the chips.
    OK--you know this already and are not impressed. 4 billion net income coming soon and you are ok but you want more.
    How about a few years from now when Intel is able to make chips with other than silicon? Will that do it for you?
    Will 6 billion net a quarter do it?
    I get that because you want the 10 billion a quarter that Apple is going to soon make?
    How about 3 years from now when Intel is making 8 billion a quarter net income? Do you think the stock will be North of 80? YES?
    So do I.
    Then when Intel is over 10 billion net a quarter, will you be ok with the stock and the massive Div it will be paying after a split soon there after?

    Last--you say this is all BS.
    OK--who else is going to make the top end chips in volume? Ch-icons? NO
    Korea--maybe some.
    Commie Russian clowns? No way.
    ARMH--it is a joke

    It will be those California boys and girls who spread into fabs into Arizona and up into Oregon at the most high tech of fabs.

    Intel will not take you up 1000% in 1 year but it will split a few more times and pay you huge divs.

    Up to you.
    Do your own research and see how out of whack the current Intel price is. Enjoy as it rises rapidly this next year.

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