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  • mystk7 mystk7 Dec 31, 2011 8:18 PM Flag

    ARM Fanbois

    you were caught as a shill before by your own admition. nuff said

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    • 'you were caught as a shill before by your own admition. nuff said'

      I don't think so lol.

      • 2 Replies to marsavian
      • Thank you once again for these opportunities to focus on:

        1.) ARM's growing fabrication crisis.
        2.) ARM's fabrication road map which ends at 22nm.
        3.) ARM's need to implement EUV and 450mm Wafers at the same time they implement 14nm, which will add years to the process.
        4.) ARM's margin problems as ASPs on low end tablets continue to decline.
        5.) The likely decline of the tablet frenzy in 2012.
        6.) The cannibalization of tablets by Ultrabooks.
        7.) The zero projected earnings growth of ARM in Q4.
        8.) The lowered prospects for ARM in 2012.
        9.) ARM's capacity problems in 2012 should increased demand start to materialize.
        10.) The broken nature of the fabless ARM approach.
        11.) The extremely limited number of state-of-the-art foundries available to ARM shops.
        12.) The inability of ARM foundries to match Intel's "every eight quarter" fabrication cycle.
        13.) The struggles of ARM foundries with production yields and ramps as die sizes decrease.
        14.) The struggles of ARM foundries to be able to afford the monstrous costs of new fabs.
        15.) Intel's outperformance of ARMs stock price over the last three months, even with the revenue warning.

        You help in focusing on these issues has certainly given investors a lot to think about. It's greatly appreciated...

      • I tell you what. Let's take this discussion to the ARM board so we don't clog up the Intel board with all of this useless talk about ARM.

        What do you say?

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