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  • getanid16 getanid16 Jan 10, 2012 9:06 AM Flag

    Intel fakes Ivy Bridge graphics on stage at CES


    Saw this comment below that rant... not an article, a RANT:

    According to Charlie, Intel graphics chips can’t even display full motion video… so this demo PROVES that Intel can show video using Ivy Bridge!

    You see, when you insult Intel as much as Charlie does, you actually shoot yourself in the foot even when you are saying that Intel is “faking” it.

    P.S. –> Using GMA 4500 graphics from 2008 I’ve been able to output 1080p video + audio over HDMI to my TV just fine all while running on a composited desktop in Linux. Using AMD’s “amazing” open source drivers you can’t even output audio over HDMI. Charlie is still bitter that his 2 year old Ubuntu install disk didn’t have 100% support for Sandy Bridge 2 weeks before the chip debuted. Note how the same standard never applies to AMD, no matter how bad their Linux drivers are (and they can suck royally). He’s so bitter about his own incompetence that he still feels the need to blame Intel for everything (unless somebody says the “N” word….)

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