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    • BARCELONA, Spain (CNNMoney) -- The hottest smartphone maker at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona isn't Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Motorola. It's Intel.

      Late last year, Intel began to show off the fruit of its labors to the same folks who used to be subjected to slide presentations.

      The device -- designed entirely and exclusively at Intel's Santa Clara headquarters -- has all the key features of modern smartphones, runs Google's (GOOG, Fortune 500) Android operating system beautifully, and looks remarkably like Apple's iPhone 4S.

      That shouldn't be surprising. Intel's head of mobility, Mike Bell, worked at Apple (AAPL, Fortune 500) for 17 years and worked on the iPhone project before leaving for Palm.

      "Our device is fully buzzword-compliant," said Bell, in an interview on Tuesday. "Intel is a computing company, and these devices are becoming handheld computers. It's natural for us to get into this space."

    • The thing that Paul said that I like was Intel's ability to change the market with it's offering. You know all those small companies Intel has been buying lately? Hardly newsworthy, right? No, it's adding up to something Mike Bell knows what he's doing. Intel has the money to hire the talent (and they have) to make compelling designs. Think about it, ARMH makes processor designs, not the entire phone design. They don't have the deep pockets to buy a treasure chest full of patents. How will Intel change the game? Follow the bread trail.

    • I especially like this part.

      "Motorola Mobility (MMI), which is being acquired by Google, announced last month that all of its future devices will run on Intel chips."

      This is huge!

      Motorola is a long time phone maker with soon to be Google's backing.
      This could turn into something where all Android based smartphones will use Intel chips.
      This cannot be good for ARM.

    • competition is nervous with Intel laying down a serious product.

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