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  • amdroadkill2012 amdroadkill2012 Mar 1, 2012 12:51 PM Flag

    Another AMD train wreck well under way.

    AMD bought ATI for 5.4 billion dollars.

    That of course was a wreck and caused AMD to go near broke. AMD was forced to sell of its main fabs.

    Now AMD buys another little loser company and pumps it as the return for AMD to the promised land.
    BIG talk is what AMD is full of.
    Show me the money AMD.

    Likely this buyout will end in disaster as do most buys of other companies.
    You buy it and most of the top workers quit in the first year. You end up with your own idiots running the new company and since they are losers, the new company goes to meltdown.


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    • Yeah, the writing is pretty much on the wall.
      Investors seem to forget what Intel recently said and I'm sure will remind them again. That it's all about the silicone. Intel is the master of chip fabrication no matter what the others try to do. Until they catch up with Intel's techniques, buying this company or that company will not do anything for them to get into the cloud computing. Everything that has to do with computing hardware is at Intel's mercy.
      And the chances of AMD or anyone else catching up with Intel in fabrication process is pretty much zero.

    • Well, the new CEO has to show he is doing something. Once the sh** hits the ceiling, he will go on to greener pastures...and someone else will come in and do something similar.

      Unfortunately, most of the tech companies' CEOs are professional managers, not visionaries. They don't have a clue where the puck is...let alone, where it will be !!

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