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  • intel_fanboy intel_fanboy Mar 20, 2012 1:22 PM Flag

    ARMH pump ain't what it used to be.

    With a Barclay's upgrade on ARMH due to it's "Mobile dominance" the stock is up a percent. The point is not the upgrade but how little it's impacting the stock. What I am starting to see is the fairy tale story of ARMH and the notion that you can buy today at $27 and sell next year at $100 are over.

    I think that investors are starting to get wise to the fact that the PE is too high and the stock seems to fluctuate from the low 30's to just under the mid 20's. There is an abundance of hyperbole and smack talk coming out of this company, just not enough profits to justify it's P/E. And the prospects of the next big thing are looking less likely over time.

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    • who cares? both intc & armh were around 24, bfd when intc went ahead of it not that long ago and you want to say the pump ain'twhat it used to be. armh 35, intc 19, who f'n cares. One ceo is quitting, one is a joke.

    • What puzzles me is ARM's EPS and revenue growth rates are lower than the smartphone and tablets growth rates. I think of following possible reasons:

      1. Smartphones/tablets are only a part of ARM story. So smartphones/tablets affect overall ARM growth only partially. But this implies that there is even less or no growth from other areas?

      2. QCOM, a big player in mobile processors, doesn't have to pay full license fees to ARM. It pays only for using ARM's ISA but not the cores. Not sure about Apple.

      ARM is behaving like a pampered child of Wall Street. But soon will realize that WS is nobody's Dad. Recall JNPR hype against CSCO a year ago.

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