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  • stanleymoronski stanleymoronski May 17, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    anyone think 30 can happen this year?

    i am hoping

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    • INTC is headed to $40 by January. There is going to be a lot of hype on INTC smartphone chips and tablet chips. Come on now Windows 8, Windows phone 8. MSFT sees $40 then INTC sees $40. Oops I forgot to mention Ultrabooks. You seriously going to replace your Ultrabook with Windows 8 instant on touch screen and a Trigate Intel processor for an iPad?? INTC is about to double it's revenue. remember $40 per share is not really that high. Some people paid $75 per share a little over 10 years ago... So we are no where near bubble territory. INTC will get there.

    • Here's my take. Greece is half a trillion dollars in debt. It's a country roughly the same population as California with 1/3 of the citizens working for the government with fat pension plans. The problem with Greece is the same problem with California. The baby boomers are all retiring at the same time and want their pensions. That debt's only going to grow. The citizens are rejecting austerity because they don't like it. They really have no other options but just the same, they don't like it. So, the Greece issue will stick around for a while.

      Over the summer we'll have another annual battle with the budget. It may not be as bad this year because Obama wants to get re-elected. You may find the Dems a bit more agreeable this year.

      As summer ends it will be happy/happy joy/joy time once again with the US economy. People vote with their pocket books and Obama knows it. Though he doesn't have ultimate control over the economy and he can't make jobs appear out of thin air let's just say the Dems will do whatever it takes to make sure Mit doesn't get to the White House. I fully except a strong second half of the year.

      Intel has a lot going in it's favor, with Romley, and Ivy Bridge. You'll see growth in quarters two, three and four of this year.

      Yes, $30 is very realistic this year. The only wild card is world economic conditions like Greece or Spain that can have a global impact on demand and keep the stock market down.

      Keep your eye on Greece. The problems it's facing are similar to what California will face in 2015.

    • 32-35 range over 50% likely.

36.65-0.54(-1.45%)Sep 26 4:00 PMEDT