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    • Forgot to mention AMD APU.

    • Microsoft & vendors will make much less margin on WOA then they will on Win8 on x86. That alone will keep WOA a niche product, if it survives at all.

    • I thought it would happen...but not the very next day !


      Google Acquires QuickOffice - Plans to Improve Mobile Offering

      Jun 05, 2012 2:20 PM EST 1 Comment
      By BrothaTech

      Since there are no official Microsoft Office mobile apps, services like Quickoffice have ruled the mobile [editing Office documents] landscape. Google has recently scooped up the service to integrate it with its current offerings.

      A nice size of the younger generation is more likely to open, edit, and share documents using Google Docs versus the Microsoft Office Suite of old. But, the majority of people use Office, so those .doc, .ppt, and .xls files aren't going anywhere. Google Docs can handle Office filetypes with no problem…when you're using a desktop. Smartphones and tablets are a different beast altogether.

      Enter Quickoffice - Simply put, the app lets users open and edit Office Docs via their mobile devices. Google Docs does have some mobile capabilities, via an Android device or mobile-friendly website, but nowhere near the features Quickoffice offers.

      Since acquisitions are what all the cool [tech] companies are doing these days, it's no surprise that Google would acquire Quickoffice to integrate the app into Google's existing services.

      "By combining the magic of Google’s intuitive solutions with Quickoffice’s powerful products, our shared vision for anytime, anywhere productivity can only grow."

      No official plans were made by Google or via Quickoffice blog post, but its safe to say that Android devices will get a nice bump on the productivity level in the very near future.

    • Samsung shows off AMD Trinity.

    • > Win8 vs WinRT for a start
      > WinRT has free MS office

      I don't think there is any information out regarding the difference in licensing costs between Win 8 and Win RT. But since Microsoft is not going making any money on the hardware, they will have to make money on Win RT - and I suspect Win RT licensing costs will not be unduly cheap.

      Further, the MS Office bundled with Windows RT will highly likely to be a "light/limited" version.

      So, if I were a consumer not concerned with legacy, I would just go with Android which has a whole lot more apps. And if a free office suite is not available on Android yet, you can be sure that Google will provide something soon at little or no cost - either by itself or by licensing it from one of the current providers of office suites on Android (Google Docs, DataViz - Documents to Go, Mobile Systems - OfficeSuite Pro; Quickoffice - Quickoffice Pro HD; and ThinkFree Mobile's ThinkFree Mobile for Tablet).

      So Microsoft will be back to Square A looking at what is its USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for Win RT devices!

    • "But analysts have said that Windows RT devices will likely be attractive to users who have few ties with legacy Windows PCs."
      So does this mean that WOA tablets will only cannibalize other ARM based tablets - iPads and Android tablets?

      Also how long will Microsoft be able to provide its bread and butter Office software for free?

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