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  • amdmonkey72 amdmonkey72 Aug 11, 2012 6:02 PM Flag

    Saving Congressmman Ryan? NO--it is a trainwreck.

    I cannot understand this choice. Romney had so many better choices. Ayotte would have been brilliant. Rubio, Sandoval, Pawlenty or Portman would have been very good. Congress has a nationwide popularity level of 15% and the Ryan pick gives Obama more free reign to focus on how dysfunctional Congress is during his campaign. Ryan is best known for having the most conservative voting record in Congress (which is great for the base but toxic for independents) and for creating the most controversial budget proposal in modern history (axing federal programs like Medicare, which is a little ironic because Ryan has only worked as a federal employee since he was 22 and has no real world experience- Rand Paul is a much better tea party rep because he has actually worked outside of government). I seriously cannot understand why Romney would do this. Ryan is attractive and likeable but so was Sarah Palin.
    So Saturday Night Live wins.
    Letterman wins.
    Big winner? Dems from Wisconsin can vote against him and make him lose his home state making a horses Rump of him. Then they can vote him out of office.

    Poor Old Mitt.
    He tried ut like his father, he fell short.

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    • I don't see the ryan selection as an indication of romney's view of romney's electoral prospects. I see it more as a repeat of the considerations that went into the choice of sarah palin: that is, as a sign of the deep fractures that a moderate republican candidate must overcome in order to win his own party. one also has to keep in mind that romney has not been able to attract the top flight talent to his campaign staff, which is both a major consequence of the fractures that he feels he has to overcome and a significant reason that the ryan choice is perhaps, to turn a phrase, "ill advised".

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      • From news reports over the past several months, when the specifics of Ryan's House budget are read to voters across the political spectrum the majority disapprove of it. Many simply hate it.

        And now Mitt Romney is chained to the Ryan budget like the Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier characters in "The Defiant Ones" (remember, for all their attempts at escaping, they ended up back on the chain gang).

        Lastly, in choosing Ryan Romney has managed to paint a picture of a candidate lacking enough backbone to stand up to the right-wing of his own party at a time when more than mere conventional wisdom says he should be tracking toward the political center.

        The electorate has probably already been questioning Romney's commitment to any stand he makes on any issue, so at odds are his recent statements with a record as governor of Massachusetts that includes the very health care provisions that he now vows to overturn nationally as president.

        Even if they don't recognize the original quote, voters may already suspect that the inescapably millionaire Romney eminently satisfies Oscar Wilde's definition of a cynic: someone who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

    • What they will gain vote is the middle. With this pick, it is not gonna happen.

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