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  • ideal_invst ideal_invst Aug 13, 2012 9:05 AM Flag

    Xeon breaks Calxeda's ARM in Apache benchmark

    Intel has hit back at upstart server rival Calxeda, which claimed its ARM-powered servers could out do Chipzilla's machines.

    Calxeda pitted its ECX-1000 processors against Intel's Xeons on the Apache Bench benchmark test and boasted that its ARM chips had a sizeable advantage. Not so, says Intel, and it has the benchmark tests to prove it.


    But, says Hill, even if you assume 11.26 watts for the ECX-1000 socket, then the Calxeda ARM server is doing around 489 Apache Bench requests per second, per watt, and the low-voltage part plus the faster networking option gives Intel's Xeon E3 v2 a 28 per cent performance per watt advantage over the ARM server.

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    • Its becoming clear ARM has not shot in the server/enterprise market. Yet, analysts are already discounting Intel as if they will have a major impact. Bought another 10K shares at $22.30 today - got the 4+% dividend & the cap gains to $30+ within a year.

    • I like this part of the article.

      "What Calxeda and any other server chip upstart (like Applied Micro or Tilera) really need to do is run some industry standard SPEC tests on their machines. SPEC CPU2006, jEnterprise 2010, and SPECpower_ssj2008 seem like good places to start. Then they need to do some real web serving and Hadoop benchmarks, which is where ARM and Tilera chips will get traction first in the server racket. And perhaps most importantly, the tests have to include the full system cost of the machine running the test and a cluster of machines (including switching costs) for supporting a horizontal workload because there is no question that Calxeda is going to have a big, big advantage here because of its integrated switching. This is why Intel has bought up Ethernet, InfiniBand, and supercomputer interconnects, after all."

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