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    • Note: Tegra 3 is quad core while Medfield is single core.

    • Well stated!

    • Okay, first you go with stupid and then you double down. You sound just like the ARM fanboi.

      ARM's 28nm isn't equivalent to Intel's 22nm. Go listen to the Pacific Crest presentation if you want to hear the explanation. It doesn't have FinFET. And Intel will quickly move to 14nm. Intel is eliminating the delay on bringing each node to the Atom family.

      So, ARM isn't going to catch up - they are going to drop further behind. It will be at least 4 years before ARM has 16nm volume production. Intel will be doing 7nm by then and will own mobility. And will be working on 5nm.

      This isn't about averages and equal motivation. It's about science, technology and manufacturing. ARM and Intel aren't even now in technology. Intel has a huge lead and it's getting larger.

      But the good news is your ignorance of fabrication qualifies you for a job as an analyst with one of the big firms on Wall Street. You could be the next James Covello. He's been doubling down on stupid for years...

    • "Where AMD screwed up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      Well? I just found your statement amusing that AMD used the same logic you are using, Intel is just beginning in the smartphone market and I don't think I will count them out yet.

    • Oh, gee





    • "How many 'magnitudes' larger is ATOM than the ARM competition..."


      Oh, gee - and if only it was going to stay that way. And if only Intel wasn't already competitive at that level.

      ARMs fabrication is in crisis. Nothing is going to change that. Enjoy the temporary advantage, fanboi. It's coming to an end.

      Can you spell "1-4-n-m?"

      Your shelf life is up. Turn yourself in for disposal. Surely ARM has something better to replace you with in the marketing department...

    • How many times are you going to post this old ARM propaganda up, fanboi?

      Give it a break. You obviously don't have any new ammunition as ARMs fabrication roadmap ends at 20nm. And it will be years before ARM has volume production even at 20nm.

      Intel 14nm volume production is around the corner. Read it and weep, fanboi. Your little ride is coming to an end.

      Intel smartphones already selling in the biggest markets in the world on the first iteration.

      Tell your bosses it's game over and you need to be brought home...

    • My BS indicator went up with this line

      "An 800MHz ARM delivers the same performance as a 1.6GHz Atom," says East."

      Where have we heard this lie before? Wasn't it from Apple back in the days it had risk processors? They would claim that their RISC processors were twice as fast as Intel? So a 800mhz RISC processor was on the level of a 1.6ghz Intel processor. Except it was all BS. The tests were, well, greatly exaggerated.

      If that's the best Warren East can do, then ARMH is very much in trouble. The other part about Intel being at 32nm currently while ARM being at 28nm is true, in theory. TSMC is making some 28nm for GPU's on video cards. They aren't exactly flooding the market with these processors. And then he had to go on and talk about 20nm. What? 28nm really hasn't been unleashed on the market yet.

      ARM does have some good things to talk about on their own right now, they have solid sales volumes. This approach of grandstanding leads me to believe that the fabrication issues of ARM at TSMC are serious enough to need addressing at the top level. Like Wally has been saying, this is a crises.

      Pick any flavor of ARM 800mhz SoC's you want and put them in a phone running Ice Cream Sandwich and hand it to anybody who is familiar with smartpones and have them use it for a day. Then have them run the Intel Orange San Diego for a day and ask them which one they prefer, what would you think they would say?

      Wait a minute, am I calling Warren East a liar? No, I am calling him a desperate, grand standing second rate snake oil salesman of a liar. Come on you ARM fans, which one of you wants to get behind this?

      "An 800MHz ARM delivers the same performance as a 1.6GHz Atom," says East." I am not talking some obscure test in a lab to fabricate BS numbers that nobody believes, I am talking real world performance. Which of you would dare stand up for Warren East?

      Like I said, there is less to cheer for every day with ARM.

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