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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Aug 23, 2012 10:34 AM Flag

    This Latest Downturn

    Brought to you by the largest firms on Wall Street who have bet heavy on economic collapse and are now working hard to make sure that happens.

    If you are wondering why the largest firms on wall Street are engaged in a continuous campaign to beat the stock price of one of America's best companies into the dirt, you are in good company.

    When you get mad enough about James Covello et al, let me know. I've got some ideas. Enough is enough. Are we men or mice? Well, I know the lucies are mice. How about the rest of you???

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    • Are you 12 years old?

      Seriously - wake up. Did you not notice a -7% Y/oY revenue decline? did you miss margins collapsing? did you miss Multi-Billion dollar plants sitting idle?

      Intel is still overvalued at these levels, and that's because of dividend chasing fools like you. You're a child.

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      • You really are desperate... You aren't helping your cause. By now, everyone recognizes that when the bashers are in overdrive, the stock is near a bottom and when the pumpers are in overdrive bashing shorts, it is near a top.

        Retail investors have wised up to the games... It is why retail will not participate until WS deflates the bubble scams. When the market is ACTUALLY cheap (and not compared to short term UST bonds which have little interest rate risk and no credit risk because in the event of default, the entire world is screwed), retail will come back in. Intel, OTOH, is both cheap and distinctive...

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