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  • att4glte att4glte Aug 31, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    Look at Wallisweaver show how pathetic a human being he is


    He HATES rich people......Uncountable millions of dollars are donated by rich people to search for cures for childrens diseases, cancer, world hunger, etc...those people don't spend their time on a yahoo board. Then there's Wally, spends all his time here and helps nobody. What a guy! What a COMPLETE and UTTER DISGRACE of a man. But hey, if he wants to hang out here and beg for QE3, that's his gig !!

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    • Tell me how much of that 85% of the wealth of US owned by the top 20% or the 40% owned by the top 1% is given to charities per year or per decade. Because if its like some 0.1% then all i have to say is that the biggest charity of them all is the middle class and poor that work in order to sustain that collapsing plutocracy which is easily worthy of 7 tril $ per year in hard work none of which ends back to the wealth of that 80% because it all goes out to life expenses (ie private companies that see it as income lots of which ends up to rich guys that own them) unlike the rich (not the self made ones first generation wealth that are creating it now, those are celebrated and respected if they do not cheat to win) that accumulate often without working (or working from a position of power and total control and no hard conditions) and who rarely end up spending more than 25-30%of their income in anything that goes back to society.

      You tell me how much of the real value of a society that 7 tril per year is due to the hard work of the bottom 80% that own only 15% of total wealth.

      You wanna talk about resentment of the rich. #$%$ Lets talk about something else. Lets talk about resentment of what they do with their money instead. Which unlike say companies like intel that put a ton of it to research and top quality efforts and even shareholders they simply accumulate that money to feed hedge funds to attack the markets to manipulate the system to send it overseas and fund other countries and all kinds of things that are self serving and unpatriotic and have nothing to do with local JOB CREATION.

      And you punks have the audacity to want to attack Obama for a socialist or whatever #$%$ crap. Talk about the punk losers calling the top kid a failure. How about the ignorant imbecile traitors calling those that love their country welfare nation and other insults. How about you morons show exactly how the rich in this country actually help society and deliver true work back to the system (taxed so little) instead of simply spending time to figure out how to party, consume drugs and prostitutes, corrupt others, spend money overseas and send jo#$%$ there, close businesses , short the market and all kinds of unpatriotic money making ideas. Charity???

      7 tril per year work of the 80% is the real charity. Its the true wealth transfer that has nothing to do with the transfer of land or cash but its the transfer of human life, pure human life (the value of your time of living in this planet, the value of your dreams and promises) transferred away to those that do the least for their country and only for a bit of an effect to keep face have the charities and the well timed behavior to cover the real self not for true ethical su#$%$tance.

      There are rich that do indeed help this country and generate jo#$%$ and then promote research and good charities and are an example for us all. Republicans, Democrats whatever they are, they do something and have worked for it. But tell me how much of the top20% are these really and what quality will their kids deliver??? And there are also poor that are lazy and uneducated and not working. But really who actually tried to force them to work and gave them an opportunity to work on something that will make them feel good about themselves and have an effect of contribution to themselves and society through honest work. You wan to really help a society, illuminate its poor and give them some chance to prove themselves and make the middle class feel secure and capable to start up small businesses. Create jo#$%$ and opportunity for them and educate their kids properly. Assist them only when they truly need it and mostly in the form of true opportunity to do something to fill their time with real creative employment. Its ok, lose a little bit of profit that goes to Asia and employ people here instead. You will not have huge profits but will have a stable society that after all is the reason you are rich.

      How many of the rich are the type instead that fund political campaigns that promote lies, manipulate the truth and have assisted in hijacking our democracy by stalling any progress and rejecting any creative idea, simply proving daily they are the bankrollers of the party of NO. NO to America party. Are these the rich and their lackeys you are proud of?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Wallis is a small-minded, green-with-envy, middle/lower-middle class twit.

    • So...., do you like Mr. Weaver then?

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