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  • mystk7 mystk7 Sep 9, 2012 6:12 PM Flag

    Romney Reverses Field on ObamaCare

    "I just think the rich should take some of all that money that they use to buy and sell people like bags of dog food and pay their fair share"

    what is 'fair share' exactly ?? if they pay 40% is fair 50%? 70%?
    some would say that even 35% is more than enough, way punish success ?

    in addition most of the taxes are alreay paid by the rich while many american's don't pay at all,
    what's my motivation to work hard and be creative and take risks, i might as well just seat home and pay no taxes and enjoy cheap housing and free healthcare.
    Sounds good to me. lol

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    • mystk7, that's why businesses aren't hiring. Why bust your butt to pay what some jackasses call "fair share"? Obama has no idea how to run a business or what a business owner goes thru to run his business.

    • "what is 'fair share' exactly ?? if they pay 40% is fair 50%? 70%?
      some would say that even 35% is more than enough, way punish success ?"


      Don't make me laugh. Mitt Romney is filthy rich and he pays thirteen percent. The rich aren't paying any of those numbers you presented. Billionaires pay less than their secretaries.

      But here is the rub. If the rich don't pay then the middle class has to. The middle class has been shrinking for the last 30 years because of the success of Republican administrations in making the rich richer. If the middle class goes then the country goes. And the rich along with it. The rich are so greedy that they would kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

      Times are tough and still the rich push their responsibility down onto the middle class. I truly believe that if the tax rate for the rich were zero that the rich would say they need to be paid because they are such a wonderful benefit to American society.

      They're not. Pay your share and stop reducing the size of the middle class before you destroy the entire country...

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      • Wally, Im far from being rich but i tend to understand how business people work and it's not like what you imagine, aka "fair".

        Who decides what's far and how much ?? you ? Obama ? who and by what criteria?

        in addition if you are talking about passive income from investment or dividends, do you think that if rich guy loses on investment that government will give him or participate in that loss? they are paid for taking risk same with business risk.

        BTW, rich people can shelter their money outside use and there is nothing you can do about it.

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