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  • wallisweaver wallisweaver Sep 18, 2012 12:51 AM Flag

    When Does Intel get LTE?

    The first thing to realize is that the number of devices that require HSPA+ eclipses number of devices that require LTE. Therefore, Intel not having LTE now hurts in the US market but doesn’t have any appreciable impact in the rest of world. In 2013, this will start to change and Intel will need to deliver on a strong LTE solution to ensure they can continue to grow their footprint in 2013. Intel was clear at their recent investor meeting on this by saying they would ship their discrete LTE solution, the XMM 7160 by the end this year and ramp in 2013.

    Looking Ahead

    Many forget that Intel’s Infineon arm supplied Apple with wireless chips for years. They aren’t rookies in mobility, but Intel won’t get full industry credit until their SoC are in a major US brand with leading wireless technologies. Intel will get that chance in 2013, and it will be interesting to see what percentage of Motorola’s high end business will be in reach. Even more interesting is Apple, who uses discrete wireless chips, not integrated into the SoC. Given Infineon’s previous relationship with Apple, we may yet see Intel silicon inside future Apple mobile devices in the next year or two.

    From Forbes

    [And this is how lame Wall Street is, along with the media knownothings. Because of the revenue warning they have assumed that Intel is doing nothing, that Intel's mobility strategy isn't working and, of course, that Intel will soon be filing for bankruptcy.

    Instead we find out that Intel is ramping mobility at twice the normal pace. And their normal pace is one that ARM can't possibly match. We find out that Intel is starting smartphones in the rest of the world while they complete their LTE capability. We find out that Intel is already producing 14nm chips that are better than anything ARM will have for four years. And tomorrow we start to see Intel replacing ARM chips in smartphones. Intel will ramp the US smartphone business in 2013.

    And not a single analyst knows anything about any of this. Or at least is afraid to breathe a word of it lest they break the covenant with the rest of Wall Street's big firms to keep Intel in a trading range.

    Well, guess what? Intel is going to have the last word and it will be time to set up the dunking tank for all of the Gus Richard scumbags on Wall Street...]

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    • You forgot to mention that Intel's base bands are manufactured by TSMC and contain an ARM CPU...

    • From a 2011 announcement:

      "LTE is a fast growing market driven by the increasing demand for such mobile broadband services as multimedia broadcasting, music and video streaming and high-speed mobile Internet. It is expected to become the worldwide mobile standard for high-speed Internet due to its high data throughput and high spectral efficiency. However, LTE is faced with the challenge of a strongly fragmented regional frequency landscape. This calls for major RF innovation to create a low-power modem platform that can cover all the diverse frequency plans fitting to portable devices. Intel Mobile Communications is leveraging its proven leadership in RF and meets this challenge by offering the XMM 7060 platform."

      Started shipping late last year. Sounds like they're on it...

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