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  • marcopubio marcopubio Sep 28, 2012 11:48 PM Flag

    I warned ya, but the worst is yet to come!

    Next week, INTC will trade below $22 and around $20 right before earnings. Earnings? What earnings? Earnings will be a disaster, maybe worse. The PC is dead folks, AND SO ARE THE CHIPS THAT GO INTO THEM along with the investors who invest in them. Did any of you ever hear of the buggy whip story? What happened to buggy whips when the car came into mass production? Do any of you remember 8-track tape cassettes? Oh, how about the hola hoop? That's what INTC chips are now kiddies, hula hoops and buggy whips.

    You don't have to sell, but after earnings [think Beethoven's 5th] you will be looking like Romney after election day.I warned ya.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Better learn to chart read. Right now looks like a great entry point. Should make a nice run to end of year. Did you notice RIMM? They downgraded their QRT and then boom beat the adjusted and the stock went up. What do you think will happen to INTC?? Same pattern and historicallyAug and Sept have always been horrible fo them. Oct and Nov have been great months. Watch and learn how WS makes money..

    • You are a clueless individual. Stay short fool. INTC is down because of quarter end. PC is dead? YOUR dead, you moronic fool.

    • Your over re-acting. The PC is needed by business people. You don't see them using tablets on TV.
      Graphic artist's can't use a tablet to design. A tablet is used by younger people. Personally I can'do taxes or create and design on a tablet... LOL

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      • Marcopubio loudly shorted Intel at 25.......26.......and 27 then vanished as it went to 29.
        He also said he's lost so much money on Facebook that he wanted to kill his wife an needed to know a way to do it. He's a real winner.....Here's another of his posts....

        Re: I shorted 2500 AA before the bell
        By marcopubio . Apr 9, 2012 4:21 PM . Permalink Go to topic

        I'm drinking to your poverty ...hehehehe

      • INTC is doing all the right things...they stuck with what they do best and they are the best at what they do. They have such a deep moat that they can never be displaced. As for the PC being dead, nothing could be further from the truth. I work for the military and that is ALL they use in the office, in fact, you would be very surprised by just how many desk tops are still in the office....never seen even one tablet. ALL mililtary computers are hard-wired on a LAN network due to strict security measures. That is something a tablet will never be able to give you. Intel is doing just fine. Just the indexes rebalancing and quarter buying and selling. Bought a bunch of INTC this week. GLTA

      • so, how many business people don't already have a pc?

        The explosive growth of the pc is ancient history. VIrtually every desk in an office now already has one.

        Intc has been having some pretty tough problems reversing it's downtrend, even the most recent oversold from rsi 30 level bounces have been one or two day affairs with lower lows. While the bounce to yesterday's high caused a turn up in the rsi, the macd line failed to cross up and over and was rejected.

        That said, the easy money on the short side was likely already had.

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