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  • marcopubio marcopubio Oct 16, 2012 11:23 PM Flag

    Over 120,000,000 shares all selling at the same time tomorrow

    Listen up, tomorrow will see the bulk of the selling early with INTC closing near the lows of the day. Didn't I repeatedly warn you what was coming the past few days? Trust me on this. So, here's what to do. SELL early and get everything out as fast as you can. If you've got the balls, short and make some of your money back. Don't even think about buying or averaging down, INTC is headed for sub $19. Don't let anybody fool you about the dividend, what good is a 4.2% dividend when the stock will lose 25%. It will take you over 4 years just to break to even. DUMP early and HARD.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You sound like a spamming &$^@&#

    • #$%$.
      120m sellers= idiots and 120 mil buyers on the other side of those sellers are opportunistic smart guys.

      Anyone who sells tomorrow at any big gap down is an idiot selling under a forced situation totally unfree like a woman RAPED. Plain and simple. Reject Rape always. Never sell then. If you want to sell Intel wait to see a rally to 2sd even if it goes to 20 first (2sd will still be ultimately higher than the low tomorrow because the low is near if not already established). The stock is so oversold for months now. You will be selling a crashed stock that has proven the idiots that the earnings were better than they expected and will do the same next quarter during which we will have clear signs the situation is improving. So expect 25+ by the end of this year even if they try to scare you more here. And expect a massive market rally once Obama is re-elected and if congress or senate republicans lose some edge. A super tsunami of buying. Intel is always able to deliver even in the worse cases as it proved just now. And we are about to believe the #$%$ idiots that were fine with a 50c prediction here???

      A company that adds 3 bil $ of cash every quarter or 2$ book value each year doesnt deserve to be year after year in lower levels regardless of the #$%$ earning projections of the same #$%$ that were nowhere to suggest a buy at 19-20 last year or here or to tell you to hedge over 28-29 this year. Of course they will also fail to tell you to buy here. Who the f@K cares if the stock goes to 19 if it can also go to 30 and its 50-50 now at this oversold point. Have any of you losers looked at a long term chart of intel to recognize a massive BUY. IT IS HERE.

      Idiots and weak cowards sell tomorrow. If you want exit sell at rallies or be the coward these punks want you to be. Punks and plutocrats worldwide and their lackeys republicans want a disaster and they are betting on you to drop your pants. Well drop your pants and #$%$ them instead!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Yummy, INTC at sub $19. The dividend will then be about 4.75%. I'll buy more to capture that dividend. The dividend is about as solid as a Treasury but with a rfar superior return.

    • I love buying INTC on the dips. Remember when INTC hit $14 in 2009? Well, I bought a ton back then and I'm loving the 6.4% yield now from those levels.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Re: BACK TO $20
      By marcopubio.Jan 17, 2012 8:46 PM.PermalinkGo to topic

      satan, I've been to Vegas too many times. I dropped $800 one night at blackjack and spent $5,000 over past 2 years trying to get even. I have better luck with stocks. I only dropped around $500 on shorting BAC, but I was smart enough to get out before it was all gone. I figure if I just get 2 out of three right, I can make a nice living out of this. I've been out of work for over a year and there is absolutely nothing out there.

      I lost so much money on FB

      By marcopubio.Jun 4, 2012 12:00 AM.Permalink

      I'm going to kill the wife before she gets a chance to see our brokerage statement. Any suggestions on how to make it look like an accident?

    • Sub-19 for how long? Minutes? Months?

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