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  • gotburned26 gotburned26 Oct 25, 2012 11:11 AM Flag

    Jack Welch

    Jack could give a crap about you and me, he threw people out the door at GE. People are what make a company. He might not pay here in this life, he will in the afterlife. All these CEO's letting people go, if they needed them 30 years ago why not now? Its all about greed and the bottom line.

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    • He did his job, grow up and stop the jealous rant. Businesses pay people for performance, they don't need them, they lay them off, duh. If you and I owned GE stock during his tenure, you'd be all wrong. I guess it depends on where you stand but he did his job.

    • Businesses don't want obama. If you vote for him you are voting against yourself. That is reality. Just face it. If you want to have a job and prosper vote for romney.

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      • First, Lots of high tech CEOs are backing Obama with their own money. You think Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, and Intel are backing Romney? You are wrong.
        Intel is all Obama at the top. So is Microsoft.
        High tech companies of the west coast are behind the President.
        BUT oh well--Looks like it comes down to Ohio and there, Obama has already won. You rightwing trashnnnuts just do not know it yet.
        Early voting. Look it up for Ohio.

      • "If you want to have a job and prosper vote for romney."

        If your star is aligned with that of ROMNEY (you are wealthy and passive investment income), vote for ROMNEY because he will do well by you.
        If you are a social conservative who wants to impose your beliefs on everyone, vote for ROMNEY because he will have to pay off that wing.
        If you are out side these two groups, look to the BUSH record to see what your future is.

        ROMNEY advisors are the old BUSH team, sans CHENEY. But who knows, maybe ROMNEY will bring him back too,

        Otherwise, it is impossible to say which of the ROMNEY promises will be kept. He has been on both sides of every issue.

        WHORNEY will say anything to anyone to get elected.

        I voted too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too, too. I sent off 14 absentee ballots to Ohio this morning.


      • I early voted yesterday for Romney/Ryan...We can't stand another 4 years of this. Romney will trim some of these entitlements, that is people that drive BMW's won't keep getting their food stamps.

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