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  • marsavian marsavian Oct 26, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

    Intel Blew Its Mobile Business - Or Did It?


    'To summarize, Intel has a near monopoly on all computing CPUs from $30 entry level Atom chips through $4,000 server chips, and on to $10,000 Knights Corner chips.

    What's left? The answer is the $10-$15 billion smartphone and tablet application processor market. Much of the Intel resources that have been leveraged to control everything above these "pocket mobile" devices is now available to target smartphone chips.

    The Intel Medfield SoC has found some non-US smartphone designs. To get a little peek at what faces Nvidia Corporation (NVDA) and Qualcomm (QCOM), read this very slowly. The author has found a prototype of a Clovertrail powered tablet to benchmark against the Microsoft Surface and the ASUS VivoTab, both of which are powered by Nvidia Tegra 3 application processors. The Clovertrail tablet makes the other two look like toys.

    The Clovertrail is basically a tweaked dual core Medfield. The Clovertrail is still made on the 32nm process. We can only speculate about performance of the out-of-order next generation Atom core built on 22nm and 14nm, that will ramp during 2013.

    According to Intel, a 4G LTE function is coming by the end of 2012 and will ramp quickly in 2013. It is unclear whether it will be a stand-alone device or be embedded in a quad core Atom based SoC, or both. In any case, it will be a bad dream for Qualcomm.

    There will be a "forehead slap" of global proportions when this Intel story comes into focus for analysts and institutional investors.

    Better to buy Intel now with the knowledge that it is unavoidable that Intel dominates smartphone chips, just as it dominates all higher levels of computing devices.'

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    • This is why I can't take anything that comes out of Nvidia PR seriously when you have such an openly deceitful CEO
      Pretty sure Nvidia's CEO posts on this board under the handle "getani61". Fits the description above.

    • "Intel Blew Its Mobile Business - Or Did It?"

      Hasn't really started yet...
      INtel was caught completely by surprise and current products are making the best of what they got...

      As for the BIG $$ CPUs...
      Microsoft market monopoly was cash cow that no other CPU ISA company could have...
      THe world needed a common ISA... enter rubber stamp ARMH
      Could be 2014 before ARM64 gets traction...

      INtel has invested heavily in packaging technology which is just as important as their fabs...
      INtel marketing is trying to redefine SOC as embedded in a package...
      your answer going forward...

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      • The most interesting point I took from the article was the comparison with Clovertrail and Tegra3. That seemed positive.

        A lot of companies were caught by surprise. I would suspect that anyone who says they were not surprised is not being totally honest.

        The first ATOM based products 3 years ago were making the best of what they had. The current products are the first iteration of products. They have a few customers and the success/failure of those is not known yet.

        ARM64 bit in 2014 faces the same problem as Intel going the other way. We will be able to say more as 2014 gets closer. The "specs" look good but many times the products have trouble meeting them.

        Intel frequently uses MCM configurations during transitions but their referring to it as an SoC seems to irritate you. Why is a distinction important if the package is what everyone uses and Intel describes the implementation as a MCM?

      • My single most worry is IINTC is going to catch up BIG TIME. I can see significant TXN like attitudes on QCOM. So, lets just say another 1998 in the making in slow motion!! I think the phone and the processor works bettwe separated... and its a matter of time when taht happens .. when that happens "Baldie" will be exhumed for all the crooked deals it made by stealing property. Till then its body will rot.

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